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My next book, The Mortician’s Daughter is about seventeen-year-old Riley Smith. Her daddy is a mortician—well when he can hold onto a job for long. Other than her dad, Riley is alone. Well, except for daddy’s clients who end up following him home.

Daddy’s clients who want something.

Daddy’s clients who are dead.

When I wrote Shadow Falls, ghosts played a pretty important role. So, I got asked a lot of questions about ghosts. Mostly people wanted to know if I believed in them. So, I’ll share my ghost experience with you.

You see to me, ghosts are scarier than vampires or werewolves. Probably because I believe they exist. Not that several of my supernaturals don’t scare the crap out of me, but on a personal scale, ghosts are the scariest.

ghostMy personal ghost story happened when I’d just turned ten, and I woke up one night to find my great-grandmother hovering over me. She always was one to hover over you, but at this point, she’d been dead for a week! And actually, she was more like floating. She was in a long white gossamer gown that flowed around her, so she looked like she didn’t have feet. She said she just wanted to let me know that she was okay. Then she told me that someday I’d have to give up the rags I called clothes (she hated the new fashions), and I’d be wearing a gown like hers.

Well, I have moved on in a fashion sense, but I’m not yet ready for a long gossamer gown and hovering over my loved ones. Have you ever had an experience with a ghost? I’ll give away any one of my Shadow Falls books to one person who leave a comment about ghosts. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. If you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave your comment on my blog to be entered in this giveaway.)


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  1. I haven’t had an experience with ghosts, but they are what I fear the most. (Besides zombies.) Ghosts freak me out and its scary to think that they could be right next to you. (If you believe in them, of course.) It even freaks me out writing this because I hate talking about them. (But I got to do it for the book.) My mom always says that the livings are more scarier than the dead, but I’m not to sure on that.

  2. I’ve had a few experiences with ghosts. Needless to say it scared the crap out of me the first time ai saw one. You’d think they’re fully visible, like they are in the movies, but really they’re half visible, with a glow around them. My first ghost that I saw was of a little girl in my bedroom. I woke up to go to the bathroom, came back and she was just standing near my bed, looking at my stuffed animal. I thought I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. As I got closer I got colder and my heartbeat sped up. I could feel her energy around me (luckily not scary scary, just lost). I’ve seen more since then, even communicated with some, it’s definitely an experience.

  3. I haven’t had any experiences with ghosts. Maybe I just can’t see or sense them like other people can? Sometimes, I freak myself out thinking there’s a ghost in my bedroom at night and I have to turn my lamp on, lol. I think I’m a baby.

  4. I have only witnessed things such as falling picture frames when no one is around, opening of doors and sound of someone walking. My brother and I will hear things when we are home alone. Our father recently passed in March and I frequently have dreams that we will be sitting at his own apartment or my house and we will talk about how i miss him, or he will tell me what he has been doing up in the vast place we all go after death. It used to make me sad, but I feel grateful that I’m able to have a spiritual connection still. It has really helped me cope. Well, I don’t know how much that qualifies as seeing ghosts, but I would count it. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I’ve had plenty of ghostly encounters, but not since my mom went through with a closing ritual. She closed me off when a family member died because I kept getting bothered by the left over energies in my house. They would stand around in my room and try to talk to me when I would try to sleep. There was a little girl and an older man who were delightful and calming to be around, a young redheaded woman who was bothersome. There even was a crotchety old man who would throw my phone and his energy would drain me until I fell asleep for hours on end. And, of course, my family members, who would feed my cats chicken from the freezer (I kid you not, the chicken would ‘fall’ out of the freezer). I would get hugs from them too, which helped me with their passing.
    The last experience that I’ve had was when my uncle was dying. He was really close to the family, so my mom opened me for him. We had a conversation in my dreams about a week before he passed on. It was the only way he was able to talk with me, since they had trached him a week before (so he couldn’t talk).

  6. I haven’t actually seen a ghost but I have heard noises in my house and felt as if someone were in the room with me even though no one is there. So I guess you could say that I have felt the presence of one.

  7. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had experiences with ghosts. My first one ever was 4 and I was sitting down and noticed a chair nearby moving to me by itself. Through out the years I’ve always hear noises. I’ve always heard footsteps coming to me, but not just hearing them, I could feel each step hitting the floor shaking everything. (I heard four footsteps come to me this morning and I was home alone) Voices has whispered in my ears before, a few weeks ago someone said “Hey” clear as day. Objects has moved too, I once was babysitting my niece, she was still asleep one morning and i kept checking on her all morning. Within a few mins from checking on her, all of her toys were blocking the entrance to her room. She was too young to do such a thing (she was only 2, plus she didn’t move from the time I was there before). All my life I’ve had night terrors, last December I had a very bad one, it felt so real. It was about a ghost wanting me to find his dead body. I had a picture of him and I went searching with a group. I finally got tired of it all and started running away from the group, that’s when I found his body… Smiling right at me and he was sitting and smiling just like in the picture. It scared me so bad I went to my mom during the night. After talking to her I left her room, but after I left she said she saw this black cloud type thing fly out of the room. I could go on all day of what’s happened to me, but also things has happened to my family as well. Thanks for letting me tell my stories!

  8. When I was about twelve me and my friend went on a hike in the woods near the campground we were staying at. As we were walking along the sandy path I noticed footprints and pointed them out. We saw to sets; one big and one small. We didn’t think much of it because lots of people hiked the trails because the swimming was bad. There had been quite a few drownings. However, as we came around a bend in the trail we saw what looked like a father and son walking ahead of us. The only problem was you could see through their misty bodies. I remember standing still trying to figure out what I was seeing, but that didn’t last long. I remember my friend saying, “Oh my, God!” , then grabbing my sleeve and taking off running. Of course when we reached the campsite our mom’s thought we were crazy as we tried explaining what happened. Instead they scolded us for not looking both ways as we ran across the road in the campground. (We were too terrified to look where we were going!) Until this day me and my friend are still convinced we saw two ghosts in the woods and their footprints.

    • Your story started in the woods, and I thought oh no, crazy ghost killer in the woods! But glad you both left unharmed and only a creepy tale to tell.

      • Yes, I’m glad we can say there was no crazy killer in the woods! I’m so excited for your new story, too! I’ve toured two separate funeral homes for school. One in high school and the other in college. When I was in high school I had quite the shock, though. I’m in a wheelchair, so the funeral home director said I could use the elevator to get downstairs. It turned out the casket elevator was the only one they had, so I had to duck into it. It only fits a casket, which was creepy enough, but on the way down he said, “Congratulations, you’re the first live person to ride in there!” When I got to the bottom and he met me to open the door I was glad I was already sitting or I may have passed out!

  9. Right after a close friend passed I was in my car driving to work and listening to my iPod. As I was driving I was feeling really upset and josie and the pussycats came on and it was our favorite song to sing too. I tried turning it because I didn’t want to cry and while my iPod was on shuffle all the songs were Josie and the pussycats or Britney Spears or *NSYNC I finally said fine I’ll listen and there was a peace in the car. Later at home mom was talking about here and the light flickered so mom said hi heather and it flickered so brightly and then just stopped. It hasn’t done it before and hasn’t since. It’s nice to know she’s watching over us even though she passed so young at only 25. We grew up together so it’s nice to know.

  10. The other night I sat on my bed, watching The Lovely Bones. I always found it funny the more you watch a movie the more you pick up on the small details you missed the first time, but then you realize just how important they are.

    Suzie Salmon, it’s a strange name, but one that fit her character. I relate a lot to Suzie; the way she started falling for Roy, her sweet innocence. (Spoilers) When Suzie died her spirt stayed and the more I think about it, I realize it takes so much strength to turn away from something so beautiful. Suzie wanted to stay; she wanted to be in a world where she was murdered, but she didn’t stay for selfish reasons. She stayed because of love. The love for her family and Roy was more precious to her than heaven.

    The more the movie progressed I found myself in awe of her strength and the power of her feelings. She watched her sister pass her in life and instead of getting angry, Suzie felt happy her baby sister was growing up. However, we are humans and we have our faults. Suzie had the strength and will to push her father to go after her murderer. Through our anger and pain we hurt the people we love the most. In this case Suzie’s father got beat and left for dead in a cornfield by a not the murderer, but a boy with his girlfriend. Once Suzie saw her fault she realized she was dead and killing her murderer wasn’t going to solve anything. She gained peace from that and her father was saved.

    Suzie saw her family fall apart and come back together. I think the whole point of Suzie dying and her staying was to show us how powerful love and our strength is. It doesn’t matter how fragile of a person you are, or how young you are. What matters is how you love and how much you love. How much you are willing to fight for the people who love you and want to protect you.

    By the end of the movie I was sobbing because I finally understood how much Suzie went through and how much her love pushed her to forget her problems and help her family and Ray. I sat in utter silence, letting everything sink in.

    I find it beautiful how people come together in a time of death, even if it was for something bad. I think Suzie is right, we don’t really know when spirits or ghosts leave. The most you will ever hear is a whisper or a wave of a whisper, at least according to Suzie. It’s up to you when you decide to really leave and that’s powerful.

  11. My grandmother had a hard time before she passed and because of this she really could not walk and she always looked tired. About two weeks after she died she appeared to me and she just was dancing and showing off. I remeber telling her how good and healthy she looked and her smiling. When I was younger my brother who passed would call to me all of the time and would come to me in my dreams.That is basically the experiences I have had with ghosts. And I love the series to death!! Pun intended.

  12. When the was 15, I went on a ghost tour in the basement of an old building. We were supposed to be able to talk to the near by spirits using divination rods (two metal sticks bent at a 90 degree angle with wooden handles, there was no way in which they could be messed with). I was with a small group of people and we were communicating by asking the spirit to cross the rods if something was true and to point to people with them. We talked to one persons grandmother but then to someone who seemed like someone’s neighbor. They could even tell us what type of car they had and the license plates number. It scared the person since the neighbor died that morning and didn’t find out until after we talked to the spirit and she called her husband. I also talked to the spirit of an old man who moved here from China when he was young. According to him, when you die, you can stick around for a little while to watch over the people you love of move on to your next life. We talked to a few other people and found out that groups who had done this in the pass talked to some of the same spirits. (Fun fact, the ghost that came because someone they cared about was there was called a byog( bring your own ghost)). I truly believe in ghost now.

  13. Ive had some experiences with ghosts but one that really freaks me out is hat apparently my mirror in my room is a portal for ghosts, so they would just come in all the time until my mom went to a medium and she summoned a baby dragon to only allow certain spirits through the mirror. *thank god* After reading shadow falls though I wasn’t as scared of ghosts and I wanted to start helping them like Kylie and that still what I’m set out to do at the moment.

  14. Me and my family went to California on winter break, when we went home my little sister saw a shadow figure walk into my parents room. We got people to come over and bless the house to get it out because they told us that it was a lost soul that didn’t pass over for whatever reason and it latched on to us hoping we would lead it there or something. I don’t know if to this very day t is out of the house but i my little sister doesn’t seem to notice it anymore.

  15. I have sadly had a few ghost stories… And none of them real pleasant. The one I’ll share with you was when i was 18. My dad just put a theatre room down stairs ( two short rows of chairs with cup holders and but kickers like a little mini movie theatre). My boyfriend (at the time) and I were down there watching the last of the Mohicans my mom talked us into watching it since we both never seen it and weren’t sure what we felt like doing. Yes we were both bored and fallowing my mom around the house, clearly she was getting tired of it (lol).
    We had gotten really into the movie. I felt this tingly feeling on me like when someone is staring at you intensely but it wasn’t coming from my bf, it was coming from the opposite direction, by the doorway. I remember looking over at the closed door where that creepy stare feeling was happening and causing my hairs to stick up on the back of my neck.
    At first it looked like a black blob, i started squinting trying to see through the dark at this darker blob. When i started to focus on it better a man appeared. He had shaggy kinda long whitish hair that was just alil bit whiter than his skin and bright grey eyes that were angry and cold. His face looked hard, brow furrowed and mouth pressed in a tight line. He was dressed in a military uniform, one you’d think of as an old WWII type style.
    Only a moment did he stay in sight but that moment my hairs on the back on my neck and arms stood up straighter. When he was gone from my sight i thought it was prolly my imagination so i shook it off. But the weird feeling didn’t go away. The next moment the bathroom door flung open hitting the wall behind it and the entrance door that was around this tight corner from the bathroom both on the same side of the room just facing different direction, swung open too. My bf and i both sat straight up glanced at each other with nervous looks. Then i said “Dad is that you?” Swearing i saw some peeking in through the entry door way. Thinking possibly my dad was trying to scare us. Then just as quickly as they opened the entry door and bathroom door slammed closed angrily. It felt like someone had sprinted through the entry door slamming it closed and round the little corner into the bathroom slamming it closed shaking the wall slightly. We both sat there watching this unbelievable scene like we were living in a horror movie. The opening of the doors happened once more in the same fashion, angry and slamming. After that we both sprung into action, I grabbed my fat Clumber spaniel, Addison (who usually complained when I did pick him up but this time he seemed fine with it) and ran out of the room and up the stairs yelling for my parents. We were all freaked out, I still clung to my dog as we rushed throughout the up stairs part of the house looking for my mom to find both parents missing. So, we did the only rational thing to do. The three of us got in my car and went for a drive. I kept going over in my head about the situation and how i couldn’t accept anything really logical about it. I kept thinking there’s no possible way for it to have been a draft or someone (alive) playing tricks cause we were alone.. I looked over at him and asked him if he saw anything unusual. “Yes! I saw you looking at the door so I had to see what you were looking at! I saw that weird guy too! I’m never going in there again! Its haunted Kenzie!! Your house is really haunted!” He kept going on about ghosts and my house being haunted (and mentioning bout the other ghost I told him I’d seen in my room – that he finally believed me about..) We tried to tell my parents when we got back but my dad was insistent on this draft idea and my mom just giggled. The two of us and the dog are the only ones that really know what happened that day..

  16. I

    I’ve had two ghostly experiences. One when I was very young and I was awakened in the night to find the living room filled with what I believed at the time to be ghosts. The other was when my dog Spot passed and he came to me in the early morning hours.

  17. Once when I was painting in my room I heard a strange noise in my closet, so I got up and went to see what it was. Nothing was there so I thought I was imagining things. So i decided to go sit back down and pint. Then I heard my DEAD grandpa saying “Thats a lovely picture.” I got so scared I couldn’t move then he touched my shoulder and said everything was going to be alright. Then I felt a sudden sense of relif wash over me. I was happy to see my grandpa agian. Ever since that day i have believed in ghost even when people told me I was crazy.

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