More Kylie & Lucas!!!

Everyone has been asking me how they can get a copy of Fighting Back, Kylie and Lucas’ final chapter. It was offered exclusively to those who pre-ordered Midnight Hour back in October. But now everyone can get it. That’s right, Fighting Back is being released on August 29th, 2017. You’ve been asking for more about the couple that started it all, and are you gonna love it!

Fighting Back

Kylie Galen has never questioned her love to Lucas Parker. 

Until now. 

Ghosts.  Danger.  Murder.  

Discover how far Kylie will go to save the man, her relationship, and the life of the werewolf she loves.





So, be sure to order your copy of Fighting Back, and read more about Kylie and Lucas as they face their biggest challenge yet.

I’ve also got another book, The Mortician’s Daughter: One Foot in the Grave coming out in October. It’s the first book in a trilogy, and I’m really excited for you to read it.

Seventeen-year-old Riley Smith’s dad’s an alcoholic.  Her mom passed away when she was young.  She’s sees dead people.  Can her life get any crazier?.  Yes, it can.

When Riley’s attempt to help a spirit cross over leads her to discover the young woman’s death wasn’t an accident, she finds herself face to face with the killer.  Adding mayhem to her life is another spirit, a boy her age, whose smile makes her melt.  Her job is to get him to pass over, but her heart doesn’t want to let him go.

But it doesn’t end there. I’ve got my first hard cover coming out in February 2018. This Heart of Mine is a very special book to me, and I can’t wait to share it with you. So, be sure to read my blog next week for all the details.

17 thoughts on “More Kylie & Lucas!!!

  1. Ekkkkkkk! I can’t not tell you how excited I am for both fighting back and your new book. I love how you write. It leaves me on the edge of my seat, or bed, and I find myself unable to put down your books once I begin reading them. Lucas from the beginning of Shadow Falls was the one I hope Kylie would end up with and the journey they took to discover who they are while falling more in love with one another was breathtakingly nerve wreaking and beautiful to read. So, I’m excited that I will get a chance to read Fighting Back.

  2. Can’t wait until they are available I hope the new book is just as good as shadow falls hopefully you still write some off them to.

  3. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see another Shadow Falls book coming out. On summer vacation, I read as much as possible, so needless to say I’ve read all of Shadow Falls and then I saw that After Dark was a Shadow Falls trilogy, and read them, too…all within the past week!!! I hope you continue this journey with these
    wonderful, amazing characters. Thank you for the summer vacation vacation 🙂


  4. I adore your books so much! there is little to do here in SA but since finding your novels I fell in love!! I’m so Excited for Fighting back, as I am sure you are as well, and can’t wait to read it! This past week I have been reading your Shadow Falls series and in 4 days read 7 novels. My personal favorite is the “After Dark” Trilogy, I adore Della and Chase. Thank you for being AWESOME and writing such great books. I look forward to reading more of your work!!
    Lanemie Olwagen
    (PS. tough name, don’t try to pronounce it)

  5. Omg I love your books without your books my life wouldnt be the same. I read all of them in one day. They are a real page turner. Your books are the literally only ones that I have actually read all the way to the end. Thats how amazing they are they are so entertaining but romantic just the kind of book I like. You have inspired me to become an author when i grow up.

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