Today is the release of Kylie and Lucas’ final chapter, Fighting Back. Previously only available to those who pre-ordered Miranda’s book, Fighting Back is now for sale for only 99 cents. The story returns to Kylie and Lucas as they try to navigate graduating high school and the changes that come with spreading your wings and growing up. In Fighting Back, they  face their biggest challenge yet.






Kylie Galen has never questioned her love for Lucas Parker.

Until now.

Ghosts.  Danger.  Murder.

Discover how far Kylie will go to save the man, her relationship, and the life of the werewolf she loves.

So if you didn’t get a copy of Fighting Back, go snag one now at Amazon. And if you feel so inclined please leave a review. I’d really appreciate it.

21 thoughts on “FIGHTING BACK Release Day!

    • Right now it’s only out as an e-book. Because it’s only 36,000 words, putting it into print isn’t an option. But later, I might add it to another short story and then put it into print.

      I’m sorry. I know so many of my readers love their print copies. I do always try to get them in print.

      Good news is that The Mortician’s Daughter will be offered in print. I’ll be releasing that info soon.


  1. I just finished Fighting Back and loved it. Great wrap up for Shadow Falls. Sorry to see it end. Thanks for such wonderful series

  2. Have you considered putting get all the short stories together and releasing it as a book? I do want to thank you for having a few of the novellas online. We use the library to read our books so wouldn’t have been able to read them until in book form and in the library collection. I have loved this series! Thank you for writing and sharing your awesome work!

    • Actually, I already did, The book is called ALMOST MIDNIGHT, and it contains all my short stores except for FIGHTING BACK. It even has a new one called FIERCE.

  3. I just love the shadow falls series!! Please tell me Fighting Back will eventually be printed? I hate to hear that this one might be the last. Have you ever thought about turning this series into a movie/movies? Thanks for such a wonderful series!

  4. I love the Shadow Falls series. Will they be turned into movies anytime soon? Or at all? I hate the idea of it just being over.

    • I sold the rights to SF to CDS a while ago. While they were working on a script, CDS was sold to another company. Now, I don’t know what’s happening. As soon as I hear anything, I’ll post it on my blog.

  5. First of all, hello from the Netherlands 😉 I just finished the shadow falls series and I love it! I know you get this question a lot, but please tell me Fighting Back will eventually be printed? I really hope you continue shadow falls! Thanks for such a wonderful series, I really enjoyed reading it!

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