Santa’s Lap, Fun Gifts and Family Traditions

Looks as if Santa’s not quite ready for Christmas, but neither am I.

Well, I’ve got my tree up, but it’s not decorated.  I’ve been staring at the closet where all my Christmas knickknacks are, but I haven’t opened it.  However, after the rare Houston, Texas snow last Friday, I will admit it kind of jump started me into the spirit.  So I went shopping.

I squeezed through crowded aisles and found gifts.  Some are real gifts, like clothes or toys for my granddaughter, and then the rest are fun gifts.  Yes, fun gifts.  You see, at the Craig (AKA Hunter) house, Christmas is a little different.  I say that, but actually, I think every family has their own traditions. But fun presents at the Craig house is just one of the slightly different traditions of my semi-whacky family.

You see, at gift opening time, we sit in a big circle and take turns opening gifts.  Every present has a clue written on it and before a person can open a gift, he or she has to read the clue and try to figure out what it is.  If stumped, everyone will join in and try to guess.  And I admit the crazier the clue is the better the time we have.  So, in addition to the real gifts, we actually go out and buy crazy gifts to we can have some crazy, crack-you-up-laughing clues.  So there’s lots of laughter.

The second thing we do differently every year is that the whole family and anyone visiting will meet up at the mall and have Santa pictures taken.  I have pictures of my mom, my dad, even my grandmother sitting on Santa’s lap.










I remember after my eighty-year-old grandmother got up, she looked at me, smiled and said, “Well, that was a first?”

“What?” I asked.

She answered, “I’ve never sat on Santa’s lap before.”

I remember when my son was still in the oven, and there I was on Santa’s knee, big as house.  And let me tell you, my kids hated doing this when they were teens.  Hated it!  But they still did it, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Now that they are grown, the first thing they do at Christmas is start looking at the Santa pictures.


So, are you ready for Christmas?  What Crazy traditions to you have? One person who shares, will get a $25 Amazon card.




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