Okay, it’s a brand-new year. Time to dust off those resolutions, and try to keep them this time. Did you know most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by February?

Yup, I’m one of the 45 percent of people who statistics say set resolutions.

Most of us have similar goals, too.  To eat healthier.  Exercise more.  Yeah, I want to drop some weight.  But I also want to try more recipes. I want to learn to make a great white wine sauce.  Being southern, I’ve mastered gravy, but haven’t really mastered sauces.  Yes, I know this goal is kind of counterproductive to the losing weight goal, but I’m trying to look at my diet as a life change and I know I can’t stop eating everything that tastes good.  So if I only splurge in moderation, learn some healthier recipes as well, and exercise more, maybe these two goals can go hand in hand.

New Year’s Resolutions, list of items

I also want to be more productive with my time.  Yeah, I’m guilty of playing SpiderSolitaire .  But I also know it’s not always a procrastination  technique.  It’s like my down time. Time to let my mind rest and restart my creative energy.  So I’m not going to stop, but I need to find the balance.  I’m going to start using my day planner again.  Manage my time better.  Do any of you use a day planner?

But I still have a few more goals.  Last year, after the hurricane, hubby and I were out eating and my hubby said, “Have you noticed, how nice everyone is to each other?  They are patient, they say hello to strangers.  No one seems to lose their patience.  You know, I think a good New Year’s resolution would be to treat people everyday like we just had a hurricane.”  So yeah, I’m going to borrow my hubby’s idea and just try to be kinder to strangers.

I did some checking and according to Huffington Post, only 8 percent of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. Why do we fail? Well, according to the articles, there are many reasons people can’t stick to their resolutions, from setting too many of them to getting derailed by small failures. Even setting overly ambitious and restrictive goals.

When we think about all the times we didn’t meet those resolutions, it’s easy to understand why some people don’t follow this tradition anymore.  But call me an eternal optimist, every year I make them.  And frankly, some of them have stuck.  Two years ago, my goal was to take more “me” time, to find ways to deal with stress.  Since then I’ve been hitting the hot tub three times as much, and I now go for regular massages.


Are you part of the 45% that make resolutions? What are yours?

Wishing you a happy, healthy and productive 2018.

5 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Years resolutions I have had in the past general fail. I guess not taking the time to really think about what I want for the new year. You know just throwing ideas up in the air.
    This year if money permits, back to school for this girl to get my bachelors degree in nursing.

    I would love to have more girls nights. I have some of the most wonderful ladies that I hang out with once in awhile. Our ages range from 20’s to 60’s, you would never know though.

    • Sound like two great goals. Here’s hoping you make it back to school, and find the time to have great girl nights. We really need those. With the right people, girl-time is very motivating.

      Good luck.


  2. I’ve only successfully achieved 2 out of 6 of my resolutions for 2017 while the other 4 was either done halfway or I gave up, despite having a planner. But for now, 2018, I made my own planner, a bullet journal, to help keep me on track. I just find a bullet journal much more effective because firstly, you can customise it however you want. Secondly, from the way I made mine, it tracks down what I do every single day. So to see those small goals not ticked every day pushes me to do it, making me work towards my resolutions.
    Hopefully I really do stick to all 6 of them this time.

    • I think you should celebrate the 2 you did. I do love my day planner, and I see a difference in my productivity when I use it.

      Good luck.


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