Year in Review & 2018’s First Giveaway!

Do you know how after New Year’s you look back on the past year and you kind of feel you wasted too much time?  I was doing that, and then I stopped, took an account of my accomplishments, and realized maybe I didn’t do everything I wanted to. Yeah, I still haven’t lost the weight—but I did accomplish a lot. I visited both my parents, one in California, one in Alabama. I did fifteen writing related events, most of the out of state. Which means I had the pleasure of meeting many of you at conferences and book signings, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you in 2018.

Last August, I released Fighting Back. In case you avid Kylie and Lucas fans missed it, this is the final short story about this couple. Just because they’re in love, doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. Oh no, Kylie and Lucas face their biggest challenge yet when Lucas struggles to balance his added responsibilities with the werewolf council with his commitment to Kylie. Things go from bad to worse when Lucas’ life is in danger. But while their future may be uncertain, Kylie will do whatever it takes to save the life of the only boy she’s ever truly loved.


Then last October, I released the first in a three book series called The Mortician’s Daughter: One Foot in the Grave. It’s about Riley Smith, whose dad is a mortician, and his clients keep following him home. Only Riley can see these ghosts, and they usually want some kind of help from her. And it’s never easy.  For those of you who are waiting for the second book, look for Two Feet Under in July.



Finally in December, I released Fierce, werewolf Fredericka Lakota’s story, previously only available in my anthology, Almost Midnight. Even years after being abandoned by her rogue werewolf father, Fredericka’s still never found a place for herself in Shadow Falls. And now,  Fredericka’s life has gotten more complicated: she’s learned her father has died, the death angels from the falls are calling to her, an ex won’t let her go, and she may be seeing the ghost of a missing woman who needs her help.

I also wrote two Christie Craig books.  One that was released in 2017 and another that will be out this August.  Oh, I also wrote This Heart of Mine.

Reviews for This Heart of Mine are rolling in and I’m honored that reviewers are connecting with this book.  This is the book about a heart transplant that was inspired from my husband’s transplant.  It releases February 27th.

You can find all of these books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss out on any of these enthralling books! And you can also preorder This Heart of Mine.

So you see, while I do believe I spent a little too much of 2017 playing Spider Solitaire, I did do a lot.  What were you busy doing in 2017?  One person who leaves a comment and tells me they have read one of my books, will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.



19 thoughts on “Year in Review & 2018’s First Giveaway!

  1. You accomplished so much this year! Wow! Congratulations! I have read so many of your Christie Craig books, Gotcha is my all time favorite! I adore your Shadow Falls series and am waiting patiently……ummmm okay, not so patiently for the next in your Morticians Daughter series lol. Happy 2018!

  2. I did a lot in 2017. I went to Florida, I went to my uncles wedding and played a big part in it. This year I also got closer to my brothers. They come and talk to me about anything now. This year I read Fierce and Fighting Back by CC Hunter. They were amazing. I was happy that the relationship between Fredrika and Kylie healed and they became friends. Then I was dying from the cuteness between Kylie and Lucas. This was a great year. Congrats on the book success CC!!

  3. I spent one week of 2017 reading all about Kylie and her quest to find out who she was. As a teen, it’s so relatable and has inspired me to keep writing and head towards my goal of becoming an author. Thank you.

  4. I got into the shadow falls series and couldn’t put them down. They are amazing and I plan on reading them again. If the students I teach were older (I teach 3rd graders) I would totally recommend this series to them. I can’t wait for more books from you. I love shadow falls. Hopefully you have more about those characters.

  5. I was super busy with classes and work. Had my first semester of college. I was very successful and got A’s and B’s. Heading into my second semester here soon! So excited! I love your work so much!

  6. I absolutely love your books. You’ve probably already have a lot of fans that tell you that, but it’s honestly true. I’ve read all of your SHADOW FALLS SERIES, and loved them so much, that I had to share them with some of my friends. And actually, I shared them with a girl that was kind of my friend, but we had never been super close until I shared your books with her. So thank you!

  7. My 2017 year actually started by reading your shadow falls series books. I had gotten them on New Years Eve Night and started to read “Born at Midnight” shortly after 2017 began that same night. I loved the series so much that on my birthday all I wanted was the Shadow Falls After Dark series. My 2017 was busy with taking care of my mom who is very ill, babysitting my nieces, taking care of pets, and reading whenever I had the time! I also went on a short trip to Los Angeles California and went to Disneyland for the first time. I’ve also read “Midnight Hour”. I’ve been really wanting to read the new books you’ve made recently “Fighting Back” and “Mortician’s Daughter: One Foot in the Grave”! I haven’t had the time lately but I will when I can get the chance. Thanks so much for your books, I love them all!

  8. I’ve read your shadow falls series about 5 times now haha, Kylie and Lucas will always be my favorite! I just read Morticians Daughter and although it took me a while to give it a try, I couldn’t part with Kylie, Della and Miranda very easily, I have to say I’m so excited for this new story of Riley! My 2017 was full of new adventures and I’m excited that I’ll have your books (new and old) to welcome in the new year! You’re by far my favorite writer, I’ve read all your books and am always blown away. I shouldn’t be surprised at this point, but alas I always seem to be! Never change and I’m hoping 2018 treats you to new adventures, new books and lots of happiness!!

  9. It was hard to get a copy of Fighting Back in South Africa, but man was it worth the wait, an amazing read as always! Your work inspires me so much, I would really love to become a writer such as yourself one day! I hope to hear from you, I can only imagine how busy you must be! Lots of love and admiration from afar 🙂

  10. I am a huge fan of your books. I have read every shadow falls novel and novella’s. I never want this series to end. Every character’s story is amazing.

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