Identical Twins

I’m talking about bonds again this week, but this time, I wanted to talk about the bond between siblings. I know a lot of people who are really close to their siblings.  But I’ve always been intrigued about the bond that is shared between Identical twins.  Stories where one is hurt and the other feels the pain.  In This Heart of Mine, Matt and Eric are identical twins. When Matt’s brother Eric dies of an apparent suicide, Matt knows in his heart there’s a lot more to it. He is certain his brother is trying to tell him something, even from the grave.

The bond between twins is unique on many levels. Twins that grow up in the same environment are going to have a strong bond no matter what. Science has shown that babies start learning even inside the womb and start a catalog of smells, sounds, and physical feelings even before birth. Identical twins experience identical pregnancies, and it’s not unusual for identical twins to share a psychic connection. Studies have shown that one in five pairs of identical twin claim to have experienced this connection. There have even been reports of identical twins having moments where one will experience the same feelings (physical and/or mental) as the other, even from separate continents.

So, when Matt suddenly finds himself without his brother, his best friend, he feels like he’s missing a part of himself. He begins having dreams about Eric, and he knows Eric wants to tell him what really happened to him. Then when he discovers Leah, the recipient of Eric’s heart, is having the same dreams about Eric, he’s even more certain of this. Together, Leah and Matt set out to find the truth—and maybe heal each other along the way. But both Matt and Leah have to wonder if what they feel for each other is just because of the connection they both have to Eric’s heart.  It’s a story that will break your heart and then heal it.

Do you have a sibling that you are close to?  What kind of bond do you have?

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10 thoughts on “Identical Twins

  1. Beautiful bracelet! I have my copy pre-ordered on Amazon!

    I have a very good bond with my younger brother. There’s a three year age difference, but there’s never been any moments that because I’m the oldest he has to do such and such. We are pretty close and talk about everything together. We love to joke around and play pranks too. Even though we are close, we are complete opposites of each other and hardly find anything, like a t.v. show to agree upon lol. I don’t know what I’d do without my brother though!

  2. I already have the book thanks to a wonderful gal named Christie Craig! The bracelet is beautiful though.
    I have two sisters and even though we are close, I am closer to my best friend.

  3. I already have the book because of a contest on your blog so I didn’t pre-order it, but good luck to everyone who has!!! I’m close with both of my siblings, but especially my younger brother. When I was 14 I spent 4 months in the hospital, and being he was 3 at the time he spent most of his time there with me. This formed a close bond that we still have at 30 and 19! I wish I lived near Texas so I could get to a signing…hopefully you’ll visit central Wisconsin someday! 🙂

  4. Yeah, I think Leah would be a really great daycare/pre-school teacher. She”s very soft spoken, and patient and wants the best for her own children and loves the other girls kids. I don”t know much about the subject but I”m pretty sure it doesn”t take years of school to work in a daycare (pretty sure my cousin only had to do like 2 years/get a certification?). I think that would be a good choice for her career-wise, and it”s something I feel she”d really enjoy.

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