Am I Dreaming?

Just the other night I had a dream.  A bad one.  Okay, let me just call it what it was, a nightmare. I woke up, heart racing, unable to breath.  I was at an airport and someone had stolen my purse, my phone and my ticket.  I wasn’t even sure which airport or how I’d gotten there.  Or where I was going. Now, I had my clothes on, because I have those dreams too where I’m naked and afraid, but even with my clothes on in this dream, I got so upset. I felt completely lost.  Unsure of myself. I admit, I didn’t like that dream.

But not all dreams are bad. Several times in my life, I’ve dreamed that I was flying.  Man was that a high.  It made me feel unstoppable. Yes, dreams can be powerful. They can make us feel elated, unhappy or as with the airport dream, terrified. Did you know some statistics state that the average human spends six years of their life dreaming? Except for a few people with psychological problems, they claim everyone dreams. You may not remember your dreams, but you still dream.

Some people look to their dreams for signs, for something that can help or even warn them in their waking life. I kind of believe that.  I think the airport dream is about me feeling lost because I’ve been writing something different.  I feel a little unsure as to where I’m going with this new project.  So my takeaway from the dream is that I need to stop questioning myself.  Remind myself that it’s okay to try something new, maybe relook at my plot to confirm I’m on the right path.

In doing some research on dreams, I found some interesting facts.  Men and women dream differently? Men are more likely to have violent and aggressive dreams and they dream more about other men, about 70% of the dream characters in a man’s dream are men. On the other hand, women dream about women and men equally. See, we females believe in equal opportunity.

In a survey, it was found that between 18-38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive (future sight-acquisition of future information) dream and 70% experienced déjà vu. In addition, 63-98% of people believe that it’s possible to have a precognitive dream.

I have a friend, who is a psychologist who says when you dream of someone, that person is really you.  To interpret the dream, ask yourself how you view this person.  If she a little shy and timid, the dream is trying to tell you something about that part of you that is shy and timid.

In This Heart of Mine, Leah MacKenzie has some really scary nightmares. She’s pretty sure Eric, the organ donor for her heart, is trying to tell her something through her dreams. She’s ready to discount them until she discovers Eric’s twin brother Matt is having the same dreams.

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Have you ever had a dream that warned you of something or revealed anything to you?  I’m giving away an e-copy of This Heart of Mine to one person who tells me about one of their dreams. (Sorry, this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.)


4 thoughts on “Am I Dreaming?

  1. When I was in high school I had a dream that would be a continuation of the dream the night before. All the same people but it was like it was another piece to the story. It was an awful dream in certain parts, like someone always trying to kill me. But it also had it bright spots, like when I found twin babies who I was trying to protect. The only weird part of that dream was the person who was trying to kill me never had a face. It was like I was always seeing his siloutte.

  2. I had a dream one time and it felt so real. I was spending the night at my grandma’s house at the time. And I dreamed that something came into the room and bit my neck. Much like a vampire would do. Then I went into this void type place and was welcomed by no other then the grim reaper, which I found scary and unsure of at the time but mostly scary. After that I had felt as if I had been ‘judged’ in a way and felt a floating sensation as if I was floating up towards something. I’m not sure how long it was but when I got to where ever I was going I opened my eyes an looked around, everything was so bright and pretty. Gold, sliver… light blues and pinks. (Almost like one would think Heaven would look) then someone started talking to me. After they were done talking and stuff like that I felt as if I was literately slammed back into my body. Very strange sensation. I didn’t however wake up right after it. But when I woke up the next morning I had a bloody lip as if I was biting it all night an it had cracked open.

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