Book Fests and a Giveaway!!

I love meeting my fans. I enjoy chatting with them and answering their questions. Some tell me how my books affected their life. How the issues my characters were facing felt similar to the issues they faced in their own lives. Others have specific questions for me or for my characters.  Some just want to get their book signed and snap a selfie with me. Whatever connection they feel to my work, I really have a great time meeting them. It’s probably my favorite part of being an author. What’s the best way to do that? Well, I have book signings at book stores and I attend book fairs, conferences and events with other authors. I also speak at middle and high schools.

And I’ve got some of my favorite events coming up…

On November 3rd, I’ll be at The Origin Event in Austin, TX. I’ll be there with a host of other authors, and we’ll all be signing our books—and chatting with our fans. There will also be bags of swag given out to attendees. This one usually sells out, so get your tickets now.

Then, Feb. 1st, I’ll be back at Teen Book Fest by the Bay at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX.  I’ll be there with over 50 other YA authors. I’ve been going to this fest every year for a while now. I go back because it’s always a lot of fun.  This event is FREE.

On May 15-19th, I’ll be in the Big Easy. That’s right, I’ll be at the Book Lovers Con in New Orleans, LA. They’re calling this the “Ultimate Reader Experience” with lots of events like Voodoo Vampire, an evening of dinner and dancing with the undead and the huge Book Bash Book Signing.






Have you ever been to a book festival? Which one? Do you attend author’s book signings? If you and I met up at a book festival, what question would you ask me?   I’ll give away a tote filled with book swag to one person who tells me the question they would like to ask.  And I’ll try to answer these questions in the next few blogs. (Sorry, this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.)

12 thoughts on “Book Fests and a Giveaway!!

  1. I have never been to a book festival, but i would love to go to one. I have always wondered how to come up with your awesome characters. I love the shadow falls gang. I especially loved reading about fredericka (prob spelled wrong) she is such a srong girl. Cant wait for 2 feet under. And the story on adoption. Not manuly people know and i didnt find out til after my mom died that i was adopted. I love my mom and glad she was the one who raised me. I am pretty sure if i was with my bio family i would have be totally screwed up like my brothers. I really love you stories. You are amazing.

  2. I love all your books, especially your humor. Book fests sound like a lot of fun, but I don’t ever really have anyone that will go with me so I have never attended one. My question is: What made you believe in yourself enough to be and stay a writer, and any advice to prospective young authors about building confidence?

  3. Hey C.C.!

    I’ve been to one book festival called Once Upon A Book held in Michigan. I’m from Wisconsin, so I’ll probably never get to meet you in person, but if I did, I’d probably ask how you come up with such clever sass (that everyone loves) in your characters, especially the sass in Della.

  4. I’ve never gone to a book festival, but I’m making it a personal goal to go to BookCon next year when it’s held in New York! I’ve never had the chance to attend a book signing either since where I leave not many people visit, but I know it’ll be an amazing experience when I finally do.
    If I were to ever get the chance to meet you in person I’d probably ask a million and one questions about Shadow Falls and all it’s characters and the dynamic world in which you’ve set it in, though the first question I think I’d ask would be:
    What first inspired you to start writing?

  5. I have never been to a book festival, but I would give my right arm to go to one, and have a chance to meet you. I guess my biggest question for you is: Is there any chance of there being another book for the Shadow Falls gang? I would really love to know where they all went and what human college was like for them as supernaturals.

  6. My main question that I have for you is how you get an inspiration for a story. Does it simply strike you one moment, or do you take time before an idea comes to you? I love writing stories as well and always seem to find it a hard, sometimes prolonged process. Really interested in hearing what you have to say on the matter.

  7. Never been to a book festival, and man would I love to go to one!!!

    Ive got so many questions, but the first I think I’d ask is, Are all your books based off of ideas from real life, or do you imagine these awesome stories?! Esp the shadow falls books, they’re amazing! I love that world!!!

  8. I love your books and I can’t just pick one. They are all my favorites. I have fell for Riley in the Mortician’s Daughter series.
    If I have not told you reading your books and a few other of my favorite authors helped me through the lost of my husband. I’m so thankful for everyone’s creative writing.
    My question would be do you ever have writers block and what do you do for it? I have never be to a book fair or festival. A friend and I are working on that. I hope sometime soon I’ll happen.

  9. I’ve never been to a book festival, but would absolutely love to go to one! I’m not sure of any in Wisconsin…I need to do research!!! I know you have struggled with dyslexia and we see that in Miranda, and that This Heart of Mine reflects your husband’s experience with needing a transplant. However, are there any characters we know from your books that are based off of other people in your life? Does all the humor come from real experiences you or people you know have had, or do you make up the funny awkward moments?

  10. I’ve never been to a book festival, but I’ve always wanted to go to one. Sadly, they don’t really happen around where I live and I’ve never had the money to travel to one. The question I would ask is: Would you recommend the novels you write under Christie Craig to the people who know you as CC Hunter?

  11. I met you at a book festival about four years ago and since then your books have come with me everywhere, even to fort sam houston! Thanks for keeping me sane 🙂

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