The Take Your Shirt Off Test

I’ve been a very busy girl. Like nose-to-the-grindstone and no-more-nose-left kind of busy.  The type of busy that when you finally catch up, you still feel that antsy gotta-keep-going feeling.  It’s as if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be still, to not be under the gun.  Yeah, that’s been me.

I finished my second book in my Christie Craig Texas Justice series.  Of course, it was running late, and then I had to go back in and cut the word count before I could send it in. My books are always running long these days.  I blame it on being Southern.  It can take a Southerner fifteen words to say something that a Northerner can say in five. (I envy them a bit.)

At the same time, I got my copy edits on my March 26th release for my young adult thriller novel, In Another Life.  For those of you who don’t understand what “copy edits” entail, it’s when someone (a copy editor) reads your book and makes corrections on both grammar stuff, typos, missing words, and they’ll mark anything that needs tweaking.  As in “You said she spoke to her dad, but she really just listened to a voice mail.”  Yeah, it was something I changed in revision and didn’t correct in the following scene.  It’s an oops, and we writers appreciate our copy editors for finding those errors.

So, an author has to go through all the changes a copy editor makes to confirm they agree with those changes.  Then they need to address anything she agrees needs to be changed, like the voice-mail thing.

That said, there was one comment this copy editor wrote that gave me pause.  And here’s where I’m going to explain the title of this blog.  In a scene where the hero and heroine go swimming, I have the hero pull off his T-shirt,  i.e.  He crossed his arms, reached down and caught the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head.

When I saw that sentence marked, I wondered:  What’s wrong that that? Her comment explained that boys don’t take their shirts off that way. Only girls.  She wrote that girls take their shirts off that way and boys reach over their heads, grab their shirts by the back of their neck, and pull it off.

I’m like . . . uh . . .  that’s not true.  There isn’t a gender specific way of removing a shirt.   I’m mid-ponder on this when in walks in my hubby.  I look up.  He’s wearing a T-shirt. Perfect. I’m like . . .  uh, “Take off your shirt.”

Of course, he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.  “Uh, what?”

“Just take off your shirt,” I say.

“Why?” he asks.

“It’s for the book,” I explain.

Now you know he thinks all my heroes are based after him, so he smiles and follows my order.

Much to my dismay, he reaches over his head to the neck of his shirt and pulls his T-shirt off.  I’m shocked.  “Why didn’t you grab it from the hem and pull it over your head?” I ask.

“I don’t know.  It’s just how I take my shirt off.”

First of all, I was disappointed that obviously I haven’t paid enough attention to guys removing their shirts.  LOL.  How could I have missed this?

So I do what I always do when something puzzles me.  I Googled it.  And duh, I found articles on the subject trying to explain this phenomenon.  Basically they listed five reasons.

  • Hair
  • Boobs
  • Guys copying other guys
  • Flexibility
  • How the clothes are made.

But you know you can’t believe everything you read.  So I wanted to test this theory more, so awkwardly, I called my son and requested he take his shirt off, then I called my daughter and asked her to get my son-in-law to take his shirts off.  (Hey, they are used to their mama doing crazy crap.)  Much to my dismay, they all used the tug-the-shirt-over-their-neck method.  Now I want to test this theory more, but I don’t know how walking up to men, other than my hubby, and asking them to take their shirt off will be received. So I’m asking you to do it. Do the test with a boy/man you are comfortable with and ask them to remove their shirt.  One person who leaves me an answer will win a Born To Read T-shirt.  Sizes are limited. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.)

And here’s one of the articles I found about this.

Hope your October is turning out to be a good month!

Happy Reading!


14 thoughts on “The Take Your Shirt Off Test

  1. I have watched my future son-n-law take his shirt off that way. My little nephews also take their shirts off the same way. In my family, I have two daughters now they take their shirts off by the hem and so do l. This is something I have never thought about until now but from what I have seen in my personal and profession ( I’m a nurse ) life that we sure do take our shirts off differently. Just another men verses women

  2. Haha my husband does the same! It must be a guy thing My boys are young and they do this thing with their elbows and then pull it up and it always ends up inside out

  3. I asked my dad, my brother, and my boyfriend. They all take their shirt off the same way. I got some odd looks, but they helped me out. My mom, my sister, and I all take them off by the hem. None of us could explain it. Just another reason why men and women are different, yet strange creatures.

  4. So I just asked my fiance and he starts by one sleeve and pulling it over his head after his arm comes out. Then I asked my brother and he lifts from the neck. It’s pretty interesting! I have never thought about it lol.

  5. It’s very odd if you think about how many things women do differently. I have three brothers and two sisters. My sisters and mom go by the hem. So do I. My brothers, all three of them go for the neck line of the shirt. My son on the other hand..I tell him to put his hands up and start with the hem. He is two on the 29th. Does that count?

  6. My husband takes his off from the bottom of his shirt. He doesn’t cross his arms though. He said grabbing it from the back stretches it out.

  7. I just asked my old man to do this, he grabbed his shirt from the hem in the front, without his arms crossed, and pulls it off up over his head. I’ve never really noticed before. I just pay attention to the fact that his shirt is off, not how he does it. I will be paying more attention from now on however.

  8. I must be a bit weird for a girl. I take one arm out of the sleeve, pull the shirt over my head, and then slide it down the other arm! My brother takes his off in the typical “guy” way though!

  9. So I just asked my dad I know… a little weird maybe. But he says he reaches behind him like the guy in the picture does, an my boyfriend takes his off by reaching behind as well. I never noticed that it was a guy thing before… so wired!! I’m going to try and pay attention on how I take mine off tonight. Seeing as now I’m wondering if it really is a gender thing, like google says! Lol

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