Do You Have a Little Ghost Whisperer in You?

I admit it.  I think I have a little clairvoyance in me.  I’ve had dreams of past loved ones that really felt real.  And I’ve felt them at times when I’m alone.  I’ve felt things in cemeteries and funeral homes, too.  I’ve even known things that I shouldn’t know.  It freaks me out sometimes.

I remember when my grandfather died and my grandmother asked me to deliver his eulogy.  I was honored, but it also scared the bejeebies out of me.  The thought of talking in front the family had me very nervous. What if I messed up or if what I said wasn’t good enough?  I loved my grandfather.

A few days before the funeral I was in bookstore and my eyes just went to a poster on the wall that read: The number three top-rated fear in life is death.  The number one is public speaking.  So if you’re giving someone’s eulogy you’re actually worse off than the person in the casket.

Right then I could swear I heard my grandfather laugh.  He had this unique laugh, a belly kind of laugh, the kind you expect from Santa Claus.  It was so clear and so real that I actually looked around for the man who had laughed.

No one was there.  It was just me with my memories or maybe me with the spirit of my grandfather.

Then there was a crazy dream about a neighbor who had passed away about five years earlier.  In the dream she knocked on my door and when I got there, she was walking down the street with a redheaded little boy who looked about three.

She’d had a grandson with red hair named Reagan, but he was seventeen by then. She glanced back at me and said she’d been waiting for the boy so she could leave.  It was a strange dream, so real, so otherworldly.  But dreams are crazy and I pushed it to the back of my mind.  Imagine my surprise when two days later my son told me he’d seen on Facebook that Reagan’s little brother had died.  It quickly went from being a strange dream to a scary one.

Riley in Two Feet Under is a ghost whisperer or as she sometimes calls herself a ghost fixer because they expect her to fix their problems.  And in this book the fix is a hard one.  The spirit she’s dealing with is prisoner.  And he didn’t go to jail for jaywalking either.  We’re talking murder.

And his fix isn’t easy.  She has to face and convince a gang leader that he needs to donate part of his liver to a niece he never knew he had.

It’s dangerous and you can imagine that Hayden, her comatose boyfriend isn’t happy about her putting herself in danger.  Can he protect her?  Will the few tricks up his sleeve as a spirit be enough to save her?

Do you think you have a little ghost whisperer in you?   Have you ever felt as if you weren’t alone, that a spirit was with you?  Have you ever felt as if a loved one who had passed had stop by for a visit?

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Do you think you have a little ghost whisperer in you?   Have you ever felt as if you weren’t alone, that a spirit was with you?  Have you ever felt a loved one who had passed stop by for visit?

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16 thoughts on “Do You Have a Little Ghost Whisperer in You?

  1. thank you for the chance to win…..
    SOMETIMES I FEEL THAT THERE IS A GHOST THAT FOLLOW ME …. thats just feelings…i mean everybody have that thing.

  2. I don’t remember, but my brother does. He said I had told him one time to turn off the music (I think it was some Ozzy song), but he wasn’t playing any music, and it was only the two of us at the house at the time.

  3. When I was little and we had a house phone, I would know it was going to ring before it rung and i would be able to tell my mom who is was. Freaked my mom out lol

  4. After my mom passed it got really bad for me. All i wanted was to know she was ok and to have her hug me again. One when it was really bad i dreamed of her. Only it felt so real. I could smell her and see her. I heard her clearly. We talked for awhile and then she told me she loved me and everyrhing was going to be ok. We hugged and i woke up in tears. It felt so real. I believe God aloud her to come an see me because i was have such a rough time with bad dreams and stuff. And all i needed was to know she was ok and that i would be ok.

  5. My dad passed away last year and ever since when I’m really stressed I have dreams where he’s just there sitting with me or the rare few I’m talking to him. Sometimes asking why he had to leave, though I know he had choice in the matter. But outside of dreams I don’t really think I’m encounter any spirits around me. When I have those dreams they may be sad, but they’re also comforting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A few years ago my dog who I had for 12 almost 13 years passed away. He had fallen and was in vets office overnight. I was going to visit him the next morning when I had gotten a text from family saying they put him down. I was so upset. The very last time I had saw him before he had gotten hurt and passed away, I had petted him longer than usual. I felt like it was the last time I was going to see him, when I had no idea what was ahead of the future. After he passed I was still upset bc I had him since I could remember. A few nights later I had a dream of seeing a dog in this pretty white light, I reached out my hand and I felt his head. It still tears me up thinking about it. I believe it was his way of letting me know he was okay, and I would see him someday again.

  7. I have had dreams with loved ones that passed away.. when I was pregnant I had a dream that my long dead grandmother was holding a baby girl with brown hair. Soon after I gave birth to a daughter with thick brown hair who looked just like my grandmother . Weird right?

  8. When I was I sophomore in high school, my dad passed away. It’s been 7 years since then, but I’ll have dreams about him where he’s alive still and he’d just been away, and when I wake up, it’ll feel like he’s still alive. Every now and again, strange things will happen in my room: my light will be on when I know I turned it off, things will fall off of my book shelf and dresser randomly. I like to think that these are little signs that he’s watching over me, letting me know that he’s here. When I visit his grave, I’ll talk to him in my head and tell him all the things that have been going on in my life, and I get this feeling that he’s proud of me.

  9. One time, I visited my grandmother right after my grandfather passed away and we were talking about him then the lamp right next to us flickered. I believe he was telling us he was there with us.

  10. I’ve always been more “in tune” with the supernatural! It’s normal for me now, and I’m generally unfazed by ghostly things. There was a ghost cat my cousins and I befriended when I was young and lived in North Carolina. In my parents’ house, there’s a ghost of a cowboy. I’m talking like old Wild West cowboy, from the hat and blue plaid shirt, down to the spurs. He was nice, I liked having his company. He hung out in my room a lot, but I don’t think he came with me when I moved out. Kind of miss him!

  11. Some of my family believes that there is passed family watching over us. One such example involves pennies. When my great grandpa was younger he had to save as much money (to include pennies) as possible. My granpda did the same. Once the passed, we find pennies at random times in random places (usually seems to be when we are upset &/or thinking about them. For example bottom of inside of kleenex box, directly in the center under a rug, etc. Usually in places where we dont know how a penny would get there. We feel like they are leaving them there for us to remind us of them and to let us know they are watching.

  12. Don’t think one is following me but I know I work with one. I’ve been told there’s a spirit where I work and we’ve heard doors closing on their own, toilets flushing by themselves and other wierd things.

  13. I was part of a paranormal investigation team for a while where everyone else was a medium and I was the only non-ghost whisperer there. I definitely experienced things that made me believe, but I’m not sure I have any of that gift.

  14. As I was growing up my grandfather always talked about seeing ghosts, mostly of family members that had passed away. Sometimes he thinks he heard voices of those in the family, who would pass away shortly after, when they lived states away. Personally I was always skeptical. When my father passed away I would feel like someone was there in the middle of the night alot, and it was to the point where I would tell him please don’t appear, too freaky. BUT I’ve had VERY vivid dreams where I knew he had passed and we only had a few minutes, but I got to have very vivid conversations. I could feel, smell, and remember everything that happened. He passed away 18 yrs ago and I’ve had 3 or 4, but I’m sure this is his way of making sure I know he’s there!

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