Emotional Footprints

This last weekend, my daughter and granddaughter came over and we spent the day together.  One thing that my two girls love to do is go thrift-store shopping.  So off to Goodwill we went.  While there, my hubby and were cruising the aisles.  Hubby stopped and was giving something his serious attention, so I went to see what had caught his eye.

It was a vase.  But it had been decorated with some bead work and had some painted inscriptions on it.  Someone had made this vase for a fiftieth anniversary gift.  This couple was married Nov. 22nd 1953.  The gift had been given in Nov. 2003.  It had names of the lucky couple. 

There was something nostalgic and kind of sad to see the vase at Goodwill.  Or maybe it wasn’t so much sad as it felt as if there was an untold story there, a Pandora’s box of two people’s lives that begged to be opened up. Hubby even contemplated buying it. We didn’t.  But I did take a picture of it.

And for some reason I was curious.  Mentally I guesstimated if the couple was married at age of 20 then they’d be eighty-six now.  I was going to add the picture to the blog, but I Googled the names. And it appeared the couple may still be alive.  So to add it felt somehow like stalking.

But that feeling, of an untold story still lingers.  I get that feeling a lot when I go into antique stores and I see old photographs.  Or I see postcards and I turn it over and read it.  The crazy thing is that it’s not all of them.  One photograph or postcard will sudden catch my attention and draw me to it.  And I find myself with tons of questions.  Who was this person or persons?  What’s their story?  Did they have dreams that they accomplished?  What were their struggles?  What lessons could the world learn from their stories?

You know, some people believe that objects can hold an emotional essence, a footprint of sort.  Is that why some photos just speak to me, the reason that the vase at Goodwill had the same effect on me as it did my husband?

What do you think?  Do you ever get that untold story feeling? What was the item that made you stop and ponder? Or does this only happen to someone with a writer’s and writer’s spouse’s curiosity?

7 thoughts on “Emotional Footprints

  1. Everything has a story if you just stop to listen. Recently purchased artwork because it made me feel and think about what the girl in the painting went through, if she was real or not, what the artist was going through or thinking. Items at thrift stores that make me daydream are the wedding gowns or formal dresses. Like how did the day go? Did everything go to plan? Was loving praise given or did the night end in crushed dreams?

    • It’s good to know I’m not the only one that has things like that happen. It’s scary but kind of intriguing, too. I don’t know what I’d do if it was really creepy vibes.


  2. im definitely a strong believer in objects having an emotional attraction to it. My mom had recently bought a old photograph at a auction in Colorado..it was a photo of Princess Diana.. as soon as she had shown me this photo i was immediately drawn to it for many reasons. when i saw the photo you could see the emotion in Princess Diana’s eyes. she depicted sadness but hopefulness (i know that sounds crazy) but thats i how i saw it and felt it. When i turned over the photo to see what year this photo was taken i was in shock to find that it was taken right before she passed! which to this day makes me wonder if she knew something bad was gonna happen after that iconic photograph was taken.

  3. im a strong believer in objects having an emotional attraction to it! A year ago my had bought a Photo at a auction in Colorado. she brought it home and had shown me what is was. The photo was of Princess Diana.. what i noticed very first was the sadness in her eyes..it was kind of a depressing photo of the Princess..(i know that sounds crazy) but thats how i seen it and felt it…when i turned over the photo to take a look at the year it was taken, i was shocked to see that it was taken right before she passed! it makes me think to this day if some how she knew something was gonna happen to her. i still have that photo and every time i see it it always gives me that same sense of feeling of being sadness.

  4. I remember going to this Antiquate and craft mall we have here, and finding this picture of someone. It was a man and I had to wonder what his story was. Seeing as the picture in some ways sent out strange vibes, and that alone made me wonder what his story was. Although it was one of those things, that gave me a strange enough vibe that I didn’t buy it although it does cross my mind from time to time.

    • Yeah, I get that a lot from pictures. You can’t help but wonder if you knew that person, or if you knew that person’s family member. I love the woo-woo feeling. I still want to write about woman who finds letters and pictures hidden in her new house’s attic.


  5. When I go into antique stores, pawn, or thrift shops I often get that feeling with toys. Was this someone’s favorite toy? When was the last time somebody actually played with it? The dresses and jewelry get me too. Who wore the items and what was the occasion? Was one of those rings a wedding or engagement ring? Why is it here…were they left at the alter, did they need money so bad they sold their ring? I tend to go for the dramatic I guess!

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