Pillow Talk

Can we talk bedroom stuff?

Calm down, I mean what’s on the bed and not what happens in the bed. I am a pillow connoisseur.  Hubby says he can’t find me for all the pillows I use.  I use one under my head, one under my knees.  One across my stomach and I love it when I can have one to my side so if I roll over I have a side pillow.  I know.  I know that’s a bit extreme.  But hey, sleep is important.

I love my down pillows. I was so proud when I found some down pillows at a discount outlet and I only paid in the $20s. It was a waste of money when I realized these had the stems of the feathers and during the night you can get pricked by your pillow. Then a couple of years ago, I went out and bought two $100 down pillows.  Then hearing all the talk about the memory-foam-stay-cool pillows I went out and brought one of those for another Benjamin bill.  Last year when I felt like my down pillows were going a little limp, I went and bought another one for $130. (I always buy at Bed, Bath & Beyond and use their 20% off coupons, but my point is I think a great pillow is worth digging deep in my wallet.)  But this year, I told hubby what I wanted for Christmas were some good pillows. He told me to go pick them out. I did. And WOW.  I got sticker shock.  For a king size down pillow—which is what I like—a good one starts at $189.00 and goes up to $269.00.

I stood there in a punch-drunk state, trying to justify spending $500 dollars for two pillows.  I couldn’t do it.  So . . . I got a saleswoman to show me some alternatives. They took me to the down-like pillows. None of them felt right, so I went with the newish shredded memory foam pillows with Viscose covers made from Bamboo. They were approximately $40 each. I like them—not as much as my down pillow—but I don’t dislike them enough to pay $130 more.

Now here’s my problem. These are my gift. But hubby thinks one is for him. You know I share, but I reserve the right to tease the heck out of him.  Why?  You see, in our early years, we had a pillow fight.  Not hitting each other with a pillow but fighting about pillows. When we were planning to get married, hubby and I went shopping for our new place together. He took me to Wal-Mart and while running the aisles he picked up two (the cheapest they had) $3.99 pillows.  That should have been a warning sign, but nope, I married him anyway.  However, in that Wal-Mart I looked him right in the eye and said, “Uh, no!”  His reply was, “Why not?  I could use anything for a pillow. Heck, when camping, I use a wet life jacket, and I could use that at home.”

In a firm voice, I told him, he was free to use a wet life jacket, but I refused to use that or a potato-sack of chunky foam that they claim is a pillow.  He bought the sack of foam, and I bought the nicer pillow, I think mine cost around $12 dollars. I seriously thought hubby was going to have a heart attack. Yeah, this does point to the fact that he has mellowed with age, and it’s also probably due to our better financial situation. But it’s not all age or finances. He just learned how wrong he was.  You see, within seven months of bringing home that nicer pillow, I bought another one.  One night, Hubby pulled one of my pillows over and used mine as we watched TV.  When we turned out the light, I asked for my pillow back and handed him his.  His reply was… “But can’t you use the cheaper one under your legs, and let me have this one?”

Yup, he was caving and discovering the benefits of good-pillow life.  But years later, in the month of September, something happened that really had him eating his words. We went camping.  When packing I grabbed two pillows and two blankets to take with me. Hubby shook his head. “No. You don’t take pillows or blankets camping.  You use a life jacket and your sleeping bag is all you need for cover.” My reply.  “Oh, yeah, I remember your wet life jacket point.  But my point is that I agree to sleep on the ground, pee in a dirty camping bathroom that I might have to walk blocks to get to, but I’ll be damned if I go without a pillow and a blanket”

So my pillows and blankets were packed. My hubby and son, both playing the macho card, refused to bring pillows or blankets.  That night while roughing it in a three-man tent, it got cold.  Yeah.  Really cold.  Then it started raining.  Hard.  The ground was so cold I used my unzipped sleeping bag so I wouldn’t feel the chill from the ground.  I was snuggled in, quite toasty with my blankets on top, one pillow under my legs and one under my head.

My son cratered first. “Uh, Mom. Can I have a pillow and blanket. This life jacket is wet and I’m cold.”

I muttered under my breath, but I’m a mom and relinquished my knee pillow. Hubby joined in with his pity request and tossed his wet life jacket to the side of the tent.  “Yeah, and you love me so we can share a pillow and the blanket.”

He knew he was toast and had given me lifetime bitching rights. But I still felt sorry for him, so I shared.  After that he gave up the notion that he didn’t need a nice pillow.  In fact, he started fighting for the better of the down pillows, claiming I could use the now-slightly-limp, cheaper down pillow under my legs since I use the memory foam pillow under my head.

And since I brought home my Christmas pillows, he’s already taken ownership of one. When I jabbed him about it he said, “You should be proud for me.  I’ve come to see your side of this issue.” I countered with, “You just need to invest in nicer life jackets.”

So, what kind of pillows do you like and why?  How many pillows do you sleep with?  Is a wet life jacket sufficient?  How much do you spend on pillows?  Am I the only one complaining about pillow inflation?


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4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. Pillows are very important! I sleep with 4 every night and love it! I’m a freeze baby too, so blankets are probably even more important than the pillows. I learned my lesson on needing a good head pillow camping when I was younger. I forgot my pillow and had to use a rolled up beach towel….talk about an uncomfortable four days of sleep 🙁

  2. You’re hysterical, and apparently love pillows as much as I do. My husband is always giving me crap about how many we have, literally I put on ten when making the bed, and he has a melt down when he has to take them all off at night , tonight he went to bed early while I stayed up and read your novel. Anyway, I don’t know why on earth it is so hard to find a good pillow. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and I still hate the ones I have. Down is best, but I haven’t found a good brand yet. I’ve tried all sorts of memory foam ones without any luck, and forget down alternative. That is just asking for a pinched nerve. If I bought a two hundred dollar pillow without it being on sale, my husband would have a heart attack, he would have said and done something just like yours in the camping situation just to prove a point–last week it literally was “I’ll be fine I don’t need to go to the bathroom, Navy Seals can go forever without using the bathroom “. I was like “You’re not a navy seal!” 20 minutes into the two hr drive to Orlando and he needs to go. Anyway–I’ve been so hard up to find a good pillow I’ve almost even tried the “my pillow” guys’product, but according to a friend hers was awful. You know you’re hard up if you are willing to try infomercial pillows. I’m actually considering buying a hotel pillow from the Marriott, it was heavy down, but I don’t know if it is worth trying long term. If you find the perfect pillow let me know.

  3. I bought a very expensive chiropractic memory foam pillow about 9 years ago which is still in excellent conditon. And then I have a fat puffy “huggy pillow” for when I sleep on my side and another for on my lap when I’m reading. And a down one which I can put over my ears if there’s noise and I can’t fall asleep
    My husband thinks I’m crazy….but there’s no such thing as too many pillows.

  4. Like you, I appreciate and insist on quality pillows. That means they are down filled and fairly firm, not soft. Also, even though I don’t have a King-sized bed, I use King-sized pillows. Many years ago I suffered from neck pain. It got to be so bad that even regular neck massage didn’t help much. I suffered for months until I ran across an orthopedic pillow and bought it. It was foam, but very firm and kept my neck at the proper alignment. When the neck pain was finally gone, I graduated to a king-sized down-filled but still very firm. The other thing I learned is that cheap pillows are not worth the money. I bought one once, for about $20 and I was excited about the bargain I had gotten. It wasn’t foam but it wasn’t down-filled either. Some sort of synthetic filler. So, less than 4 months later it started to fail and not give me good support.
    So now, I spend about $150 to $200 on each pillow, king-size and down filled.

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