March 26th, In Another Life, my C.C. Hunter YA about adoption is coming out. This is a theme I had kicking around in my head for a long time. You see, I have always marched to beat on my own drum. I’m slightly different from my family. Not so much in appearance, but in our interests and outlooks. My two brothers and parents are people who like to work with their hands, who seldom slow down. They play sports, do crafts, and build houses. Me, I can sit by a window and stare out at nothing, I will ponder something to death. Because what’s going on inside my head is much more interesting than what is probably happening around me.  Being dyslexic, I wasn’t a reader growing up, but I was writing books in my head by the time I was eleven.  Sometimes these stories would last months. Several of them included discovering that I was adopted. It wasn’t that I didn’t love my family, I just always felt different. 

So, adoption has always fascinated me. And adoption has touched more lives than you think. In fact, about 140,000 children are adopted every year, and today, almost 60%-70% of domestic adoptions are now open adoptions, which means there is a degree of openness and disclosure of information between adoptive and birth parents regarding the adopted child. But open adoptions weren’t always that common, and that often resulted in adopted children searching for their biological parents. In a study of American adolescents, the Search Institute found that 72 percent of adopted adolescents wanted to know why they were adopted and 65 percent wanted to meet their birth parents. And not all adoptions are legal, and that makes it extremely hard for the children to track down their biological parents.

Chloe in In Another Life has always known she was adopted, but now that she’s at a crisis point in her life, she’s having question about her adoption. When Cash confronts her with some of his suspicions, she suspects that maybe she wasn’t adopted but kidnapped. If this is true, were the people she calls mom and dad behind it?  She will unearth the truth, even if it threatens everything she’s ever known. Even if it puts her life in danger.


You can pre-order In Another Life now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-MillionIndie Books and Powells. Then if you send a link or a screenshot of your order to me a, you’ll be entered to win an Ancestry DNA kit. I’ll be closing this contest on March 25th.  (Sorry, but this contest is limited to U.S. residents only.)

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