I Wrote the Book on Embarassment

I said it many times, I hated my teenage years.  When I look back, there are so many things I wish I could go back and change.  But I can say that those experiences are fodder for my books.  There are two things I’d change. Here is the first one and the scene where I used my experience. I’ll share the other one next week, so be sure to check back.

  • I’d have safety pinned my bikini top on before I jumped off the high dive at the local pool.

Yup, it really happened.  I was lucky that I found it, but I didn’t even realize it was gone until after I stood up in waist deep water.  So yup, I pretty much flashed everyone.  When the air hit the boobs, I dropped back down to chin deep so fast, you’d have thought a shark yanked me under.  It was humiliating.  And while I was quick, I know some people saw me.  Talk about embarrassed.  I never went back to that neighborhood pool.  Thankfully, Dad built our own pool the next year.

 While I’ve never had a heroine lose her bathing suit top—yet—I have had Leah, in This Heart of Mine, yank her hoodie out of the dryer and rush to leave with her guy boyfriend Matt, not realizing that, due to static electricity, she had a pair of lacy panties stuck to the back of her jacket.  I can say I borrowed the embarrassment I felt in the pool to write this scene.

Ponytail in place, I dig through my closet for my new long-sleeved burgundy shirt and matching hoodie. I remember I’d worn it over the weekend.

            I tear off to the laundry room to see if Mom washed it. It’s in the dryer. Still warm.

            I ditch the blue sweater.  Yank the static-electrified tee and hoodie from the dryer, and put them on. 

            I’m still dressing when the doorbell rings.  I fit my arm in the hoodie, grab my purse, and run out.

            Mom, phone to her ear, comes to the kitchen opening. She offers me a wave and returns to the kitchen and her conversation.

            I open the door.

            Matt’s there.  He wears the same thing he wore to school, but he gives me a quick once-over. 

            Approval lights up his eyes.  I like approval.

            “Where’s Lady?”

            “In the car.  I didn’t know if I had to come in and I’m not in the mood to pick up shit in your house again.”

            I laugh. We head out.  I feel him staring, but when I glance at him, he looks away.

            When we get in the car, I drop my purse to the floorboard. Lady tries to get in the front seat.  Matt tells her no. 

            “Uh…”  Matt’s looking at me strangely again.  Almost smiling.  Almost not.

            “What?” I ask.

            “You have . . . something stuck to the back of your jacket.

            “What?” I look over my right shoulder.

            “Here.” He reaches behind my left shoulder and pulls off a wispy piece of material.

            It takes me one second to recognize my new lacy wine-colored panties.  The static must’ve gotten them caught on my hoodie.


If you are older, what is something you would change from your teen years? If you are a teen, what would you like to change now?  Leave a comment and one person is going to win one of my new tote bags with some SWAG (Promotional Items) in it. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only.)

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18 thoughts on “I Wrote the Book on Embarassment

  1. Well, I’m twenty, so I’m not a teen, but I’m not very old either. If there is one thing that I could change, it would be my lack of self-confidence. Being in college, I’m surrounded by people, and I’m always comparing myself to them. I need to learn to stop doing that. So that is what I would change.

  2. It’s hard to think of anything that I would change because it’s made me who I am today. But if I have to choose one thing it would be that I would’ve taken the full ride out of state scholarship for academic and track instead of staying local.

  3. I sometimes think I would go back in time and change the accident I had that left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair, but at the same time it has made me who I am and I’ve met so many wonderful people through my time in the hospital and healing after that I’m not sure it would be right to change things. Luckily I don’t have to choose.

  4. I think if have to tell a younger me to be more concerned with herself and stop trying to be everything her family expects. You do you. Don’t worry about them. Be determined to succeed without the encouragement you crave. There is definitely a way, when you have the will.

  5. I’m an adult now but if I could go back I would want to try to be more outgoing. I was so afraid of being made fun of that I was afraid to tryout for things that I wanted to do.

  6. I am 40 back in
    my teen years i was pretty rebellious . if i could go back and change it would be spend more time with a family and friends enjoy life not have a complete knee replacement at the age of 20 mrs cc i met you a blue willow books when u were promoting ur last book

  7. If I could change anything it would be to not let my ex control the end of my teen years, to have left him while my daughter was still an infant instead of letting him make my life miserable for another year, to have been strong enough to stand up for myself and to reach out for help that I knew I needed but was to scared to ask for.

  8. I’m 42, I would not change anything. Life hasn’t been easy but it’s made me stronger and hopefully a little wiser.

  9. I would have been more outgoing and done more sports. I would have enjoyed myself and not been so much of a loner.

  10. The one thing I would change is the way I saw myself in highschool. When i looked at myself in highschool i saw a fat girl. Now that i am 42 and i see my high school pictures i see a beautiful curvy girl. I really was not fat in highschool. I was at a healthy weight and just couldnt see it. I wish i still looked like that.

  11. Well, I am 53 now but looking back on those high school years, I would have studied a bit better, took the free ride I had to college and found my ‘nitch’ earlier in life. I would have found “myself” earlier rather than later instead of getting married at 18. Although, I can say I am blessed with 2 wonderful young men and 5 precious grandbabies as a result of that marriage. Life is truly what you make it out to be, it’s a choice. I am still happy with the road I chose because of the fine people in mine now! BTW- I simply love your books and can’t wait for the next one! Keep on doing your thing Ms Christie, for you are one awesome writer!

  12. Hmm, I’ve been out of high school for about 25 years! If I could change one thing back then, I would have chose better friends. Back in high school my friends had a very negative influence on me and I was new to the area and they were girls who I met through church and my neighborhood. I always tell my daughters now to choose wisely who their friends are. Good friends make all the difference.

  13. I would have changed staying in the relationship I was in right after high school. I wish instead of making excuses mentally or blanking out on the abuse when it happened I would have left and not cared about making rent or bills we had at that apartment. I would have changed it all by making the phone call home right after and moved back instead of staying and planning for several months I knew I would always be welcomed home but for some reason stubborn new “adult” me wanted to fix it all on own. Only good thing is that I make it a point to make sure kid feels comfortable and knows we always have her back. It also helps me remember to do mental health check Ins with her randomly.

  14. I am older so the one thing I would change from my teen years is the night I lost my virginity, I wish I had waited until I was a little older and smarter.

  15. I would tell her pay more attention in school. You are so smart and it’s okay to be smart. I would tell her to spend more time writing both music and stories. That she has a true gift for it. I would also say that doing drugs is the stupidest thing you could ever do, please don’t do it. You’ll only hurt yourself if you do.
    That you are beautiful in and out. You are going to have some of the most amazing friends that you adore and are going to have so many adventures with them.
    Be kinder to your big brother, he is your best friend, even if in a few months you act like he was burden after his accident left him wheekchair bound . I would tell myself that your family wanted to be there for all the performances during your senior year of high school. More importantly he wanted to see you perform. I would tell myself that he was there for one of the football games even though you couldn’t see him. He was there because he wanted to see his sister do what she loved most, dancing. Even though the hot air made it hard for him to breath. He was there. THEY WERE THERE. But also he needed your parents attention because he couldn’t do much for himself always stuck in the bed or his wheel chair. He wasn’t trying to steal away your shine your senior year. Spend more time with him when he had to stay in the hospital for days on end. He enjoyed the company and truthfully so will you. I would tell her to be more patient with him you only have him on this earth for two short years. I would tell myself, your sisters do love you even when you don’t think so. They do, they just have their own ways of showing but there are always going to be there when you need them.

    What I would tell my younger self is don’t settle for less than you know you deserve. Also that you are amazing and beautiful and talented and to truly love yourself. But most importantly you are not as bad as you think you are. There is so much you still don’t know. Just be yourself and don’t lose sight of your dreams.

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