Bad A$$ Girls: Do You Have One Living Inside You?

I’m working on Three Heartbeats Away and poor Riley finds herself in some tough situations.  She’s having to dig deep and find her inner bad a$$.  Oh, she’s still scared, and she really wishes she didn’t have to be in some of these dangerous situations, but she can’t turn her back on her friends.And when a ghost is certain that her killer is about to grab another victim, she can’t turn her back on that either.  Thankfully, she has a little more help this time.  Not that it makes it any less scary. 

I don’t know why, but I’m enjoying writing these spunky female roles.  I guess writing them kind of feels like I’m reaching deep to find my own inner bad a$$. To look at me, you wouldn’t think I had one hanging out in my soul.  Let’s face it, I’m not even five feet tall.  I’m more of a conflict avoider.  Yet, when someone is trying to take advantage of me or just do me wrong, it’s like my inner B with an itch comes clawing out.

My husband says, “My wife’s an angel. Accidentally run over her, and she’ll tell you not to worry about it.  But do her dirty on-purpose and you’d better run.  Run fast, because she’s going to come get you.  And unfortunately, I have proven him right several times. 

There was the time the unruly teen of my neighbor slashed our car tire.  I just thought we’d had a flat until another neighbor told me her husband had caught this boy doing it to his truck and he had gone and spoken to his mom.  My heart kind of went out to the kid’s mom.  And honestly, I wasn’t expecting her to do anything except maybe have the boy apologize.  But when I went to talk to her, she yelled and screamed at me, called me names for accusing her son of such a terrible act.  I explained I’d spoken with our other neighbor who had caught her boy doing that same thing, but she didn’t back down and even slammed her door in my face.  It suddenly made me realize that maybe the one I needed to feel sorry for was the kid.

I didn’t go straight home that night, I knocked on doors up and down my street and found eight other neighbors who’d also discovered their tires flat the night before.

So I decided to have a neighborhood party.  And the guest of honor was the police.  And when the unruly teen’s mom went unruly on that officer, let’s just say justice was served.

Another time my inner bad a$$ took over was less than a year ago.  I was driving to see a friend and an SUV sideswiped me, tore up my side mirror and slammed me into a curb so hard it busted my front tire.

Accidents happen right?  But this SUV didn’t stop. 

And neither did I. 

Did you know you can drive on the rim of your car?  Did you know if you chase someone with a busted tire, laying on your horn the whole way, they eventually will pull over?  I know it wasn’t smart, the hit and run driver could have had a gun.  But she didn’t.  She claimed she was just scared.  And . . . her insurance paid to repair my mirror, my bad rim, and for a new tire.

So I’m kind of pulling out my inner tough girl, to help with a few plot points in Three Heartbeats Away.  Not only is Riley standing up for herself and others, but I have three other plots in the making that are about females who, when backed in the corner, don’t stay there. 

What’s kind of strange is that I think it’s something in the air right now.  Or maybe even a result of the Me-Too movement, but I’m seeing a lot of kick-butt female roles on TV and in the movies.  Has anyone watched HANNA the movie or the series? I loved it and wish I had a few of her moves.

So, do you have inner bad a$$ inside of you?   Have you stood up for yourself or friend and gotten justice?


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13 thoughts on “Bad A$$ Girls: Do You Have One Living Inside You?

  1. I can’t wait to much longer for the 3rd book!!!! I know June is getting closer, but it’s not moving fast enough.


  2. I remember one time in the 5th grade I had finally,finally gotten tired of this one girl who I thought was my friend. She was badmouthing g my childhood friend who was practically family to me and I just got tired of it. I had put up with her attitude and her ways for too long. So one day I guess I kinda scared her along with everyone else who was there when I yelled at her for being mean and for trying to make my friend sou d bad. After that everyone pretty much looked away after seeing me so angry. Haha I guess I learned that I can be scary,especially when it’s for the people I care about. I wouldn’t call it bada$$ but I guess in a way if my 11 year old self can scare people that bad than I must have gotten pretty scary as a teen right now.

  3. We all have our limits, right? Well one time one of my hubby’s friends came to a cookout at my in-laws and brought his girlfriend. Apparently they had a fight on the way there and you could tell. He was doing things to her just to aggravate and I had had enough. I took him by his arm and pulled him to his truck and let him have it. He was so scared of me after that, for years whenever he would visit, he wouldn’t set foot in our house. Hahahaha!! But now he has a wife and kids and he treats them all like he should.

  4. If only our lives could be perfect…but since they aren’t thank you for writing stories that we can all relate to!

  5. I wish I could say I had an inner bad a$$ or at least a more prevalent one. I’m not afraid to stand up for my friends however it’s my sister who’s the bad a$$. I get to emotional even when I’m mad. It’s a little frustrating. But overall I still finding that I can relate to your characters so maybe there is that side somewhere in me it just hasn’t had to come out yet.

  6. I’ve definitely always been good about standing up for myself. Although, I do it much more appropriately than when I was six. Then I would kick the boy that pulled my pigtails in the shin…now I use my words when someone makes me mad or does something rude 🙂

  7. I’m in the process of finding my inner bad ass now I love you Mortician’s Daughter series and can’t wait for the 3rd book!

  8. I, sadly, can’t say that I have an inner BA. If I hear someone talking bad about my friends, though, I can’t let them get away with it.

    I love how all of your protagonists refuse to back down, though. They do what they have to do, and it’s one of the reasons why I love your stories so much.

  9. My inner bad@$$ would have to be when I was walking down the stairs of my school and wasn’t paying attention and missed the last two steps but instead of falling face first I maneuvered my body to turn slightly before landing like BlackWidow on the floor. The looks on the people walking behind me were priceless. I couldn’t believe I did that either which makes it all more hilarious.

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