My Love of Ghosts

Ghosts are a recurring theme in my books. I’ve told you about my experiences with them especially as a child, and I guess it’s really stuck with me. That’s probably why I write about them and why I’m drawn to books, movies and TV shows with ghosts. In my Mortician’s Daughter series, Riley is challenged to help ghosts solve their final problems or even catch their killer, in order for them to move on. Dealing with all the usual teenage problems, not to mentions her alcoholic dad, is hard enough for Riley without adding ghosts into the mix. In Three Heartbeats Away, the final book in the series, Riley’s problems at home worsen, but she still has to deal with a Bridezilla ghost out for revenge. And to top it off, the guy she’s in love with doesn’t even remember her.  But none of that may matter if she can’t stop the bride’s killer, because she may be the next ghost to crossing over.

There have been a lot of movies with ghosts over the years, so I can’t be the only one that finds them fascinating. Ghostbusters was a movie franchise based on ghosts and demons. And who can forget The Shining? That movie scared the beejeezus out of me. Most ghost movies are horror movies, but not all of them. One of my very favorite movies, ghosts or no ghosts, is Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Is there a hotter movie scene than the one they have at the potter’s wheel?

Then there are the TV shows. Did you watch Medium?  I loved Ghost Whisperer, and I still watch it sometimes. That series has had a big impact on my books.

Reality shows about ghosts have been on a long time, too. Sometimes I watch shows like Ghost Hunters or Most Haunted. I have to say, since they’re reality shows, they creep me out more than the fictional shows. So I can’t watch them very often. Hubby isn’t a fan of sleeping with the lights on.

What are your favorite ghost movies or TV shows? Is there a new one I should be watching?


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2 thoughts on “My Love of Ghosts

  1. I LOVE ghosts also!! I loved Ghost Whisperer and also watch reruns some! I love Ghost Hunters and watch it with my son every week (he loves it maybe even more than me lol). I also love Supernatural!!

  2. I really love anything ghosty! I used to watch Ghost Hunters and Paranormal State when they were on. I’m sad they aren’t anymore. Ghost Adventures is a bit too over the top at times for me, but The Dead Files is a really good show!!! Of course I love Supernatural too, and The Vampire Diaries when that was still going. However, I liked the Vampire Diaries books more.

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