New York City!!

I love to travel. I love to experience different cultures, different foods, different people.  I’ve traveled to France, London, China, South America, New Zealand, Denmark, and soon I’m going to Scotland and Ireland.  But amazingly, when I go to New York City, the differences are almost as great as going to a different country

I’ve never grabbed an Uber or a taxi in my home of Tomball, Texas.  My heart got a workout when I got into a taxi whose driver had road rage and screamed the entire drive as he delivered me to my Grand Central author party.  (All I could think of was that I’m glad not everyone had guns like they do in Texas.) I’ve never bumped into so many people on the streets of Tomball. In New York you are shoulder to shoulder.  And in Times Square, some of those people are “over-the-top” characters.  Like a women wearing nothing but a thong and paint.  Like the Mickey Mouse characters with bobbling heads. As crazy as it was, I loved experiencing it all.

Restaurants are everywhere.  The food is phenomenal. And I can’t say enough about the play Hamilton.  Wow!!  I mean, wow!

And because this was a RWA, Romance Writers of America, conference, attended by writers, it felt like most of those folks were family.  And because I’ve spoken at so many writer’s conferences, I know so many faces. 

I spent time chatting with Tina Dick, who is a reporter from Germany. I love running into her every year, and it’s not just because she brings me German chocolate.  But the chocolate is amazing.  I ran into Joss Wood, who lives in South Africa and whose books sound wonderful, and was such a pleasure to chat with.  I ran into some folks from New Zealand who were at my workshop I gave there.  Then there were the fans who came to the signing.  They got C.C. Hunter T-shirts just for showing up, too. I ran into old friends, Arel Jansen, from Maine, and we had some great visits, hugs, and laughs.  I hung with Ruth Kenjura, a Houston RWA member.

I shared wine and conversation with Diane Kelly, Lori Wilde, Kerrelyn Sparks, Shala Patel, Pintip Dunn, Dyranda Jones, Miranda Liasson, and Carolyn Brown.  Laura Drake, Susan Muller, and I got turned down by two angry Uber drivers, but we finally got to the Lillie’s Victorian Establishment, where great food and laughs were had.  Susan and I roomed together again, and you know you need a roomie who agrees that what happens in the hotel room, stays in the hotel room.  Oh, the fun! (By the way, all of these are amazing authors, try them!)

I met with editors, my agent, bloggers, librarians, and I may have drunk a little too much wine.  But I did not dance on any tables.  So don’t believe anyone who says I did.  And remember photos can be altered.  I went to workshops, heard Alyssa Cole speak at the Librarian breakfast, which was fantastic and met authors Tee O’Fallon and M.A. Taylor, whose books sound amazing and I’m ordering them today. 

New York City was amazing.  A blend of culture, good food, better friendships, and tons of laughter. 


And . . . I got some free books, double copies, and I snagged a few extra RWA tote bags. So today, I’ll give away a bag, and at least one book that I snagged at the conference.  So leave a post and tell me about one of your travel adventures or a dream vacation, and one person will win a tote and at least one new book. (Sorry, but this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. And if you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must post your comment on my blog to enter.)

Happy Reading!

14 thoughts on “New York City!!

  1. How fun! I’m glad you enjoyed your time. Sounds like a dream to me. 🙂
    Ooh yay giveaway! Hopefully I can snag a prize haha..
    Well let’s see, I’m trying to recall a specific travel adventure. This is a bit hard because in all honesty even trips to random stores with my little ones is an adventure in itself now.
    Let’s rewind time to when I was 18.
    There I was, visiting my dad in Minot, North Dakota (really small town he lived in) lovely people, super friendly! He had taken me with him by car to spend a couple months. So I stayed for a bit but then I had to make my way back to California. I decided I wanted to start my 18th year independent and start having adventures. Start living on my own. But at the time I was too chicken to fly ! So there goes me with my brilliant idea to take the Amtrak train for 3 days straight to California. Alone, With just my oversized duffle bag and a book to keep me company. No blanket! Man I forgot the blanket lol.. I ended up wandering the train a lot taking in all the different landscapes in the dining cabin. It had big windows to see outside, it was mesmerizing. Oregon was especially beautiful. The water , mountains all the trees! Looked like fairies would have popped out of the grass it was so luscious and rich with color. I would sit for hours just reading my book and eating my bagel , which is honestly the only thing I could afford for breakfast and dinner for 3 days , ya I know smart me right. This little trip on the train is still one of the highlights of my life actually. The freedom to just GO. To, for a moment, not have to focus on outside problems I just let myself get lost in the moment. Which is what life should be like all the time. I met the best people on the train that day. I met a young lady who was very in touch with her spiritual side, an artist who’s smile shined as bright as her paintings, a professional swimmer, a retired old man on his way to catch a plane to hawaii who lectured me about college. That! in itself was a blessing, for I never had the chance for my grandfathers to give me advice and inspire me like this old man did, to just get up and do what I truly desire. Andthen i had a conversation with a boy who was obsessed with my fuzzy boots lol ..All in all that was for me an adventure I won’t ever forget. Sometimes we make friends in the strangest places. Fast forwarding to the future, The next adventure I had was having my two little ones. Late night snuggles and kicks in the face lol, taking them for story time at the library. Getting peanut butter on my hair and not realizing it for a whole day haha to me that is the greatest adventure of them all. Im happy I’m still living it.


  2. Me and my family went to dalphin island Alabama for vacation. It was so relaxing it’s such a slower pace on the island and everyone makes you feel at home. They were having a special day when we went where everyone was dressed in early 1900 attire it was so serene but amazingly fun. I am glad you enjoyed your time in New York . Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. I have family that lives close to NYC but we have yet to visit them. Lol I would love to visit the Bahamas one day just to experience the beautiful water and beaches there. I also want to make it down to Atlanta, Georgia and experience the Georgia Aquarium! Our favorite place to visit is TN. Love all the food and places to see there.

  4. I love going to South Padre Island. The water is so pretty and the area is great. It is fun to take the family down there and enjoy the area.

  5. We’ve never had the chance to travel for vacations, but have enjoyed many staycations. We’re hoping to take a family vacation in 2021 when our kids graduate (one from college and one from high school). I just have to get them to agree on the destination!

  6. I went on my first cross country road trip when I was 19 with three of the best people I ever had the pleasure of meeting in my lifetime. We traveled in an Rv and we definitely had quite an adventure. Started off there was an issue with the uhaul trailer, so we had to stop and get that taken care of. Next the transmission went out which resulted in us staying in the RV in a locked mechanic shop because they couldn’t get it fixed until the next day. On top of that I got a severe Kerosene burn on my leg. Granted with all of that, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was the best road trip I have ever been on.

  7. I went on vacation to Florida with my family. We had a good time relaxing on the beach. Me and my wife actually read the morticians daughter while we was there such a good book. My dream vacation would be going to maine to see the lighthouses.

    • I love the beach and usually plan a summer vacation at a beach house. But this year, I’m heading to Scotland and Ireland. I can’t wait!

      • I have always wanted to go to Ireland. It seems to be a very beautiful place I can only imagine how it will be in person. I hope you have a wonderful time exploring new places.

  8. I grew up on Long Island and have family in Canada. That is where we would usually go on vacation, but living so close to the ocean, we didn’t really need to go anywhere!!

  9. Someday I would love to visit Salem, Massachusetts to see the witches. I’ve found Salem fascinating ever since I first watched the movie Hocus Pocus.

  10. Someday I would love to visit Salem, Massachusetts to see the witches. I’ve found Salem fascinating ever since I first watched the movie Hocus Pocus.

  11. My dream vacation would be to go to orca island and go on one of the whale watching tours they have there and see one of me and best friends favorite animals the killer whales and see them in there natural habitate. One of my favorite trips I remember going on is one where we went to Hershey park in Pennsylvania and was so fun we were doing whole big cross country trip at the time from Utah with my nephews and my siblings and my parents. We heading to family reunion in upstate New York for my dad’s side of the family.

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