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I know it seems like we just celebrated the Fourth of July, but it’s already August. And in much of the country, that means school is about to start. It actually starts this week in my area of Texas. When I was young, I loved and hated the start of school. I hated waking up early after being able to sleep in and wake up naturally. In Alabama, where I grew up, we didn’t start back to school until a week or so into September. 

And I loved how it was always a little chilly in the mornings.  I actually loved shopping and buying a new wardrobe, too.  I didn’t get a lot of new clothes, but I always got some.  And wearing new clothes tended made me feel better about myself.  I hated always feeling as if I was invisible, unless it was when I ran into the school bullies. Then, I prayed for invisibility.

But I’ll admit, part of me looked forward to going back and seeing the boys that I had crushes on.  I always had the dream that this would be the year when one of my crushes would notice me.  (Yeah, I was a romantic even back then.)  Oh and I loved getting all my school supplies. There’s a certain smell to school supplies that I can still remember.  I also recall organizing everything.  And actually being happy about learning and getting back into a routine.  School was not my favorite thing.  But I remember the new school year feeling every September, and it was sort of like a part of life, almost like a season that when it comes every year, you are pulled into the familiarity of it.  Those first days of school every year were just part of life.

How do you feel about school? Or how did you feel about it? 


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11 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. For the most part I enjoyed school. I received good grades, my teachers liked me, I had a few select friends. I had rough patches but I’m pretty sure all teenagers do at some point. Now, I wish I was back in high school. My worries and stress levels were a lot lower.

  2. I never liked high school when I was actually there, but now that I’m in college, I actually kind of miss it. I graduated in a small class of 38 so I knew everyone, so it’s really hard going from a small class like that to a class of 1,000+ .

  3. This is going to be my first year of college and it is honestly so scary from moving to a small class to such a big setting. Hopefully, I can overcome it with false confidence! Or maybe I will meet my Della and Miranda in college who knows?

  4. I am a nerd and truly enjoy learning, but nothing beats back to school supplies! ( your right they have this smell)!!!!! I am not so much into clothes but great teachers, friends, and sports made high school memorable. In college and grad school it got even better, I went with psychology and love learning about what makes people tick. I am currently back in school for another degree this one geared In Early childhood education and I find myself just as enthralled. School was and is something I will always love.

  5. As a recent graduate from college, I’m REALLY missing school right now. Apart from the fact that I’m not ready to be an adult yet, I also really miss classes and learning new things. The best part of college was taking my gen ed classes because I got to learn about a whole bunch of different things that I may not have learned otherwise because they didn’t relate to my major.

  6. Never much liked high school, but I loved college. I kind of miss it right now. I think that I enjoyed it so much because I had some awesome professors. I really understood what it meant to get my education. Now j teach at night and try my best to help my students enjoy the material and I try to make it relatable to every day life. My personal reading is my me time.

  7. I loved school, just not homework! I loved the classroom but as soon as I got home it was like a different person took over and I did everything I could to avoid doing homework.

  8. I liked school, I liked homework. I loved writing and reading. I just didn’t like people much. I kept to myself. I was bullied a lot. I still love paperwork and reading. Back to school as a mom now is bitter sweet. I miss the kids when they are gone. I like the time I get that’s not as loud. I love how excited they are to share their day with me and what they have done! I cherish all the awesome art they give me! I hope they like school more than I did.

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