Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

This week I wanted to talk to you about genres. You know, paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. The publishing industry is funny. They study the current trends, what’s selling, what’s not, and they try to predict what genres will be hot in the future. Sometimes I think they need a crystal ball.

When St. Martin’s contacted me and asked me to write a young adult paranormal series, they felt that genre was the hot ticket and would continue to be popular for a while. Now, however, paranormal is supposed to be waining and contemporary is the thing, especially if someone is ill in it.  Fantasy was huge a while ago, especially with the popular Lord of the Rings movies, but now it seems less in demand. It’s always shifting and changing.

So after I finished my Shadow Falls series, St Martin’s request a contemporary book. So, I wrote This Heart of Mine and In Another Life.  But I also still loved paranormal and I knew I still had a lot of Shadow Falls fans out there. So, I decided to write my Mortician’s Daughter series with them in mind. So, if you’re still rereading my Shadow Falls series, but haven’t tried my Mortician’s Daughter series, I’m encouraging you to give it a chance. I think you’ll enjoy it.

So do you pay attention to the trends in publishing?  Do you read the hot new genre or do you still read books that aren’t in the trend? Where do you see the genres heading? What do you think will become the next hot genre?


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5 thoughts on “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. I don’t follow the trends. There are certain genres I like and I kinda stick to those genres. Although if there is an author I like I usually try their books even if they write something outside of the genres I like. I really love your style of writing so I try to read all of your books even though I’m no longer young enough for YA books according to some people haha But I say a good story is a good story whether it’s about a character who’s 30 or 16.

    Also I just finished reading your shadow falls series again and I realized they graduated in 2016 so this coming June they could be graduating college. Will you be writing a short story about that? Or a full length novel? I suppose if you were you might not be able to discuss it. And since it sounds like your publishing company is pushing for contemporary maybe you’re not. Haha

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