Reading Suggestions?

This week, I’ve had to take it easy. Hubby gave me the crud. You know where you feel horrible, you nose runs and you can’t stop coughing. So, I’ve been reading. I’m currently reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and I’m really enjoying it. Have you read it? I guess they are making a Hulu limited series based on it with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. I’ll be watching!

At least I finished writing my final Christie Craig Texas Justice book, Don’t Look Back.  FBI agents, Texas Detectives, and murder.  A cat named Psycho. A hero that is drool worthy.  And a plot with more twist than a pretzel. Now I can concentrate on my next C.C. Hunter book.

So when I have the crud, it takes a while for me to get over it, so expect to be catching up on my reading. Any books you’d like to recommend? What are you reading right now?

7 thoughts on “Reading Suggestions?

  1. I just got Every Note Played in the mail! My grandma passed from ALS recently, so I thought this book might be a little therapeutic!

  2. Is there going to be a shadow falls movie? I just finished the series and I LOVE it!!!! It is my favorite series I have ever read. But is there going to be a movie for it?

  3. A Broken Tree by Stephen Anderson
    A story about how DNA exposed a family secret

    With all the new affordable DNA databases many family secrets are being revealed. I myself am an NPE, which Stephen describes in the end of his book. We are both in an online support group together along with thousands of others and growing rapidly. If interested it’s a good read.

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