Happy Thanksgiving, Now Start Shopping!!

It’s Thanksgiving week and I hope you enjoy a nice gathering with your family on Thursday. But this week also means it is the official start of Christmas shopping. Yup, Black Friday is coming up fast. But now, there’s also Cyber Monday. Not to mention how some of the stores have started having pre Black Friday sales. It seems like stores want you to start your shopping earlier and earlier. Heck, I know people that are already finished with their shopping, but most have barely started. I’m one of the later. But I’ve been really busy finishing up a book, and now that I’ve got time, I’ll get serious about shopping.

Last year, I did almost as much in-store shopping as I did online shopping.  I actually see shopping store to store as part of fun of the season.  Almost a tradition. No, I don’t enjoy it if the crowd is manic, but there’s something about being in the stores, Christmas music playing and seeing everyone shop for their loved ones.  There’s something special about finding that perfect gift for someone.  I don’t quite get that same seasonal joy while shopping online.  Half the time I’m scared the gift will arrive and not meet my expectations.  Maybe I need to put on some Christmas music, pour myself some eggnog and try to make online shopping more of a seasonal treat. 

What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Do you shop ahead all year? Maybe have it all done by mid December? Or are you scrambling around a few days before Christmas, trying to find something last minute? Do you buy everything on line or do you shop at your favorite stores? 

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Oh, The Seasons…

I love this time of year when the leaves change and there is a crisp chill in the air. It’s a time of transition, when we shift from the hot Texas summers where we go tubing down a river, or just watching my dog try to catch the water as it squirts out of the hose, to the cold darker winters when we grab a blanket and sip from cup of hot chocolate. 

But between summer and winter is fall, when everything is alive with color: reds, golds and oranges. Only followed by the cold darker days of winter.  But that too passes and we move into spring when everything feels brand new and the blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes speckle ours roadsides.

Like our world, life has seasons.  We move from being a child, to being a teen, to being an adult.  From being single to being in a relationship.  From being footloose and fancy free to being a parent with responsibilities.  From being newlyweds to celebrating thirty-five years of marriage.  We move from having full nests to being empty nesters.  We move from being someone’s child, to being that person’s caretaker.

Oh, the seasons of our lives.  They each bring with it some beauty, each offering different perspectives and changes.  Some inspire us, some humble us.  Some require us to hang on to things so tightly, others require us to let go.  And while some of the changes are welcomed, soul freeing and make us want to dance with joy, other’s can break our hearts.

When I encounter some of the heartbreak, I try to look back on other seasons where I struggled. Like the full nest season to being an empty nester.  Oh, that hurt.  Then one of my darling children moved back home for a while and…  Oh, that hurt!

I look back on some of the seasons that were hard, and I find hope in that I survived. So I guess even during the seasons that bring heartbreak, we need to be there, to be present, to be counted, to be countable. I’m trying to remember this as I deal with my father’s declining health.  I try to remember to enjoy even some of the difficult times, because the next season may be one in which he is not here.  I try to remember to hold tight for now, because soon I’ll be letting go.

I try to remember after this, there will be another season.


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What Are You Watching?

There is an abundance of new shows out this month and I, for one, am paying attention.  You know I’m working on a book and I work around ten hours a day, but when I move out of my office, I usually either whip up some dinner or order in and watch a few shows. 

Here are the show I’m watching:


It’s what I would call a speculative fiction.  A young girl survives a plane crash unharmed.  But overtime we see she has powers.  A detective ends up taking her in and trying to protect her from the unknown.  But the question becomes do they need protecting from the child? 


Now can I say I watch this one with one eye closed?  It’s spooky.  A young mother, with three girls, who does not believe in demons and such, is hired to work with a group of religious investigators.  Basically, she tries to disprove that demons, ghosts and other creepy things don’t exist.  But let me tell you, there’s a lot to disprove.  It’s scary, it’s really creepy.  But I kind of like it.


I love this one guys!  It’s a lot like my humorous romantic suspense novels.  A sassy, kick butt army veteran becomes a private investigator who stands up for the underdog.  She’s flawed, so very flawed, but you have to love her as she always sets out to protect someone who deserves protecting.  And she finds herself up to her eyebrows in trouble fighting bad guys.

All Rise

This one is a legal show about a new judge who is determined to make her court fair to those who are not getting justice.  She’s creative, she’s got guts.  She’s the kind of judge we would all love to think wears a robe and determines what’s right and wrong in courts.

Bluff City Law

Jimmy Smit and his daughter are lawyers with a tumultuous relationship who take on the injustice of the world one client at a time.  It’s largely a family drama with characters who fight for the underdogs.

As I’m writing the descriptions of what I’m watching, I realize how close my interest in shows is to the plots I choose to write.  Paranormal elements, ghosts, sassy characters, underdogs that need championing, and a touch of danger and suspense. 

In The Mortician’s Daughter you totally get the paranormal element.  Poor Riley is faced with spirits left and right.  However, you still have the underdogs, and you get the sass.  If not from Riley, then from Kelsey.  That girl calls it like she sees it.

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So what are you watching?  Are you watching any of the shows I mentioned? Do the shows you watch on television fall in line with the types of books you read?