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Because it’s New Years, I started thinking about resolutions and goals, and just about those things I want to do. You know, bucket list items.  So I decided to Google the top bucket list items to see how far off my own list is from that of other people. Below is the list.

Here’s how I added up. I’ve done seven of these twenty items.   One, I’ve done twice.  Another, I’ve done three times.  And one, I’ve done fifty-two times.   I’ll bet you can guess the one I’ve done that many times.

There are eight of these I’d never do—nope, not me.  One on my “never-will-do” list wasn’t always on that list. I tried to do it three times, and it got canceled all three times.  So now I figure that God was telling me to get a grip and grow a brain.

There are four I would like to do.  And one, just doesn’t interest me. 

What about you?  How many of these have you done?  How many would you never do?  How many would you want to do?  And do any not interest you at all? 

Can you guess the ones I’ve done?  Ones I would never do? Ones that I want to do? 


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Google’s Bucket List

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Sky dive
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Sleep under the stars
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Swim with dolphins
  7. Get married
  8. Go scuba diving
  9. Run a marathon
  10. Go zip-Lining
  11. Buy a house
  12. Ride an elephant
  13. Learn to surf
  14. Take a trip to Italy
  15. Write a book
  16. Go hot air ballooning
  17. Go skinny dipping
  18. Learn to play the guitar
  19. Go to Paris
  20. Visit Ireland

20 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. 1.I would live to see the Northern Lights, I hear it is such a sight.
    2. I will never EVER go sky diving, I am terrified of heights and I would die of shear fear lol.
    3. I want another tattoo, I have three and have a list of more I want.
    4. I have slept under the stars and loved it. Also reading by a nice camp fire is awesome and relaxing.
    5. I’ve never been on a cruise, so that’s in a maybe pile.
    6. I’ve never seen with dolphins but I have seen with Manatees and it was amazing.
    7. I am Happily Married! #10yearsStrong
    8. I so want to go scuba diving.
    9. I am so out of shape but running marathon sounds like something that would intrigue me.
    10. I want to go zip lining! It might kill me cause you know… heights…. but man it looks fun!
    11. My husband and I have talked about buying a house with lots of land.
    12. Where in the heck can I ride an elephant? Where do I sign up!
    13. I tried surfing… not for me lol did you know you can get the equivalent of “Road Rash” eating crap on a surf board IN the water?
    14. Italy not so much, German is on my bucket list!
    15. I’ve actually thought of that! Writing a book was something I wanted to do as a kid! Like compile a list of my weirdest dreams into short stories. It sounds so fun.
    16. Hell no! Hot air balloon is a NEGATIVE
    17. Hehheh I’ve done this… enough said…
    18. I was taught the guitar when I was 15 and played Nirvana songs over and over lol it’s a wonder my mom didnt smash it.
    19. Maybe Paris AFTER Germany 😉
    20. Yes! That’s a big yes for Ireland, maybe just maybe before Germany lol

  2. I bet you’ve ridden an elephant 52 times. I have done 6 of those twenty items. I would love to swim with dolphins, see the northern lights and I’ve wanted to go on a zip line. I’ve been in line before and something always happens and I never make it to the front of the line. Lol
    My other guesses for you are: I know you are married, probably own your house, you travel and probably have seen the Northern Lights.

  3. I went skinny dipping once although a large consumption of alcohol may have been involved. I don’t remember. Ok, maybe I just imagined I went skinny dipping. Nevermind.

  4. I’ve only done 5 of them. I would love to do at least 7 more. I’m guessing for you, got married, bought a house, visited Ireland, and Italy and wrote a book.
    For what you wouldn’t do? Get a tattoo and sky dive?

  5. See the Northern Lights – Only in Skyrim
    Sky dive – Nope
    Get a tattoo – I have five!
    Sleep under the stars – a few times when I was young
    Go on a cruise – No
    Swim with dolphins – No
    Get married – Ha. No.
    Go scuba diving – Nope.
    Run a marathon – yes… got caught kissing my high school freshman boyfriend behind some trees right before it started
    Go zip-Lining – yes!
    Buy a house – no
    Ride an elephant – yes!
    Learn to surf – no.
    Take a trip to Italy – no.
    Write a book – when I was younger I wrote so many supernatural stories, but rarely shared them
    Go hot air ballooning – nope.
    Go skinny dipping – … not telling.
    Learn to play the guitar – Nope
    Go to Paris – Nope
    Visit Ireland – Again, Nope!

    Six total!

  6. Done 4. This is a fantastic list and I would do any of them they all look like epic adventures! Oddly enough buying a house is my biggest hesitation on this list beyond that though none of the rest seem daunting in the list or a “no, I’d never do that”. The seven I’m guessing you have done: wrote a book, gotten married, bought a house, visited Ireland, gone to Paris, taken a cruise, and taken a trip to Italy. I think you have tried to go ride in a hot-air balloon and that hasn’t panned out. I think maybe skydiving, zip-lining, getting a tattoo, and skinny-dipping are on your not interested list. Maybe seeing the Northern Lights or swimming with dolphins is on your would be interested list?

  7. Happy New Year & New Decade Christie! 🙂

    Okay – I’m going to bet that you’ve #15 and written 52 books! 🙂

    You #7, Got married. I’ll admit I’m not sure about the others for you. You have a joyful, adventurous spirit, so maybe you have traveled to some of these fun places.

    When I get to goal weight – I’ll talk to you, or someone – about the best places to #17 – go skinny dipping, but that is going to take me awhile! lol I really want to #9, but modified a bit, actually walk a half marathon, I can’t run for the moment.

    Terrific & very inspiring bucket list.

    I wish you and everyone a very Happy 2020, and of course am entering your fun contest! Thank you so much Christie! 🙂

  8. I have tattoos, I have been Skinny dipping lol and I don’t really want to write a book !! I don’t really want to bye a home so much work to do with the up keep but it’s a must with 3 kids! Travel yes I told my husband don’t tell me where we go I want to be a Surprise!!

  9. I have done four of these. I have my own bucket list witch includes travel to all 50 states and be a famous artist before I die. I made that one when I was very young and it hasnt changed .my art is known state wide but thats about it so far but I enjoy it so much it doesn’t matter if it actually comes true or not .I would say that you have gotten married , seen the northern lights , wrote a book ,Ireland,bought a house, slept under the stars, ( you write romance I’m sure you have at least layed down at night to look at the stars )and gotten a tattoo? That’s my guess but I would say you have never zip lined ,surfed or rode an elephant. If you have I would love to here that story.

  10. I have done 6 of these. There are 2 I would never do and that is sky diving and zip lining. I would guess you have went on a cruise, wrote a book, seen the Northern Lights, slept under the stars, visited Ireland, gotten married, and bought a house. If I were to guess the running a marathon would maybe be something you scheduled 3 times but was cancelled so you will never do this. What have you done 52 times? I would say learning to play the guitar maybe would not interest you. I would love to see the Northern Lights. I would also love to go swimming with the dolphins and maybe scuba dive. I do not know for sure though about the scuba diving. That one kind of gives me anxiety:) I have bought a house, ran a marathon, gotten a tattoo, gone skinny dipping, slept under the stars, and gotten married.

  11. Well I lead a very boring life have only done 4 of these and have considered one but all of the others don’t interest me. For you I’d say that you’ve been married 52 times, sike, have written 52 books and you’ve chickened out of the sky diving and zip lining. Don’t blame you I wouldn’t do them either.

  12. Well, I got married….and divorced (once each),, spent my 50th birthday getting my scuba certification, if you count swimming in the gulf and having a dolphin swim up to you then I have swam with a dolphin, I was sent to Paris twice for work, and I have owned two homes. That’s it. Oh wait, I was a Girl Scout many, many moons ago and slept under the stars, does that count?

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