I’m not talking about the dark.  Or spiders.  I’m talking about the Coronavirus.  I don’t consider myself a person who panics.  I haven’t ordered any masks.  I’m not staying at home yet.  But I have bought a few extra canned food items. 

And sadly, I have had to cancel my trip to ApollyCon, because my hubby, a transplant patient, has such a low immune system. His doctors are advising that he avoid events with large crowds, and traveling, for a while.  Because I live with him, they recommend the same for me.

When I stop and think about the worst-case scenario, and yes, as a writer my mind goes there, it’s scary.  But as my mind creates this scenario, the writer in me starts plotting a book.  Sort of a dystopian world where groups of people barricade themselves off from the rest of world.  Who knows the idea may actually draw a book out of me.

However, because I’m generally a positive person, I haven’t let the fear consume me in my day to day life yet.  Does it worry me? Yes.  And I do watch the news and my heart hurts for the countries where it’s much more serious.  My mom lives in California and I worry that there may be a larger outbreak there. 

I’m not saying these people are overreacting. I’m just in wait and see mode—cautious, but not completely alarmed yet.  That said, I know everyone reacts differently to the news.  For some people, buying the masks and stocking up on food is a way to deal with the stress.  And I wouldn’t judge them for doing it.

How are you reacting to the news?  Are you nervous?  How are you coping?  I have started a new book, I think reading and slipping into a different world is a great way of coping with the added stress. 

3 thoughts on “Fear!

  1. I don’t understand it . They have said its not as bad as the flu, But on the other hand I always have extra I live it the South lol. But go ahead and write that book , Can’t wait. Stay Safe.

  2. I am a student in Belgium and my university is closed until further notice. It was supposed to be my last semester before graduating. I am really sad that I can’t spend it with my friends but I understand why they had to close.
    The idea of being deprived from the outside world for weeks really makes me anxious but I am trying to stay positive and use this time to work on my thesis 🙂 My mom did not buy any masks… She’s trying not to panic. I just hope this entire situation will be solve quickly (finger crossed).
    Stay safe.
    Can’t wait for your next book.

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