What Am I Working On?

What am I working on?  I get asked that a lot.  While I have two partially completed young adult novels in the works, right this minute, I’m doing revisions on my last Texas Justice novel, Don’t Look Back, which is an adult suspense. Then, I’m half way finished with another adult novel, a humorous romantic suspense, which is also part of a trilogy.  

I was hoping to get one of the young adult books done first, but my agent—yes, you can blame her—requested I do the adult books first.  

The two young adult novels are both going to be series.  The first one, Sole Survivor, is about a seventeen-year-old girl who is the sole survivor of a plane crash. Since her parents died in the crash, her uncle becomes her guardian.  Then, she finds herself drawn to a boy who is also the sole survivor of his family.  Both of them start experiencing premonition dreams and learn they have the ability to change fate and even might have the power to bring their families back.  

The other book, Glimmer, is about a young girl who discovers she is a descendant of a fallen Grim Reaper.  Whenever she bumps into someone who is close to death, she gets visions of how they will die.  Not yet understanding her powers, it turns her world upside down.  Does she tell people, “Don’t go swimming in that lake today, don’t drive on that freeway, don’t get on that plane?”  Does she do it even when she knows people will think she’s crazy? And what happens when the boy she loves won’t listen to her?  

So while I’ve written several chapters of both of these young adult stories, I’m hoping to finish the edits on my Texas Justice book first and finish the next adult novel before diving back into the young adult novels. 

Which idea do you like best, Glimmer or Sole Survivor? 

How are you doing with this whole quarantine issue?  Sending virtual hugs to everyone and hoping everyone stays safe.

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5 thoughts on “What Am I Working On?

  1. Glimmer & sole survivor sound so interesting! Loved the morticians daughter series and shadow falls series so much can’t wait for another YA series from you

  2. “Glimmer” sounds amazing! “Sole Survivor” reminds me a little of “This Heart of Mine” when Leah starts getting the dreams after the transplant, but instead of dreaming about the past, this girl is dreaming about the future.

  3. Glimmer sounds amazing and refreshing. It’s a brilliant concept! I can only imagine being in her situation, I would like to think I would just go with people thinking I am crazy and try and save everyone. I will be on the look out for these stories.

  4. you should definitely write more shadow falls novels. i am in love with all of the suspending characters, and i can relate with a lot. i have read all the series/books several times over and over again and i want more, i don’t want it to end. its truly inspiring! if you would be interested i can send you some of my work i would like for you to read, and get a true writers opinion. i would appreciate it!

  5. Can’t wait to check out your next books! I just love your characters they are so likeable easy to read and get into! At my old job a group of us girls used to pass around each series we had book by book until we had each read them all then we could all officially discuss them cuz ya know, no spoilers!

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