Lost My Culinary Mojo

I’m from Alabama, which means by the time I was sink high, I knew how to fry a mean bird, mash a tator, and press a pie crust. I even like to cook. It’s one of those chores that relaxes me.  The hands-are-busy-mind’s-on-a-mini-vacation kind. And not bragging or anything, I’m not bad at it.  But I like to play Martha Stewart when I want to play Martha Stewart. Not because some spiky virus named after a beer takes the dinner-out option off the table. 

And my lack of inspiration has materialized in some of my less-than-glowing meals.  Hubby knows better than to complain—I didn’t marry an idiot—but that doesn’t stop him from snickering. Especially when I set the fire alarm off the second time. Do you know how bad burnt cabbage smells?  And how long that scent hangs on?

I’ve tried getting my culinary mojo back by trying some new recipes. I posted about this on Facebook and got some great recipes.  Below I’m posting a link to one that I tried and enjoyed. It is to Crispy Hasselback Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic. Yummy. (Thank you to authors Laura Drake and Cynthia D’Alba.)

How are you faring in the kitchen?  Any cooking calamities? How about new recipes that might help keep the culinary gods on my side or chase the smell of scorched dog fart out of my house? 


1 thought on “Lost My Culinary Mojo

  1. Lol that is the funniest thing I’ve read all day . I’m from the south also so southren food is my thing . Potatoe soup , orange chicken , 10 layer nachos, beans and cornbread, beef stew , and taco soup are some of our favorite foods anytime you want to swap some recipes shoot me a email .I’m a southern momma who can please the pickiest eater on earth my toddler.

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