Escaping into a Series

With the sheltering place and all the unrest spilling in from the news lately, hubby and I have found we need some mental escape. We are both readers and we do that, but we needed something more.  We found binge watching shows is helping us escape.  It needed to appeal to both of us.  My friend recommended Longmire.  I recalled seeing some of it when it was on regular TV.  So, after dinner and reading time, we went to Netflix and watched Sheriff Walt Longmire solve murder after murder all the while trying to get the relationships in his life right. I loved the western ambience mingled with the suspense. I loved Walt’s characterization and watching him deal with the grief of losing his wife.   

I was sad when we finished it.  So sad that it made me realize that by binge watching a show, I get closer to the characters. So close, it’s similar to what I do with characters in a book. When we finished Longmire, I knew I was going to miss my good buddies, Walt and Henry.  And like I do with characters in books, I kind of miss them and still think about them.

Well, that same friend recommended another show.  She assured me that if I liked Longmire, I’d like Justified. And she hit the nail on the head with that one, too. While I know it’s not really a western show, I love the ambiance—small town crazy—that it portrays. The suspense, with flawed, yet relatable characters, and the use of humor in the show is fabulous. The blended tone of suspense, romance, and whacky off-the-wall humor is what I love writing. What I love reading.  What I love watching.   

And dare I say that Timothy Olyphant is easy on the eyes. 

I know most of us find comfort by falling into a book.  But is there a show you have discovered in these hard times that entertains you and makes you forget what’s happening in the world?  Have you watched Longmire and Justified? If not binge watching, what is it other than reading that offers you an escape? Do you read in the same genre that you watch on television? 

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