Let’s Go on an Adventure

Being stuck at home is difficult. Oh, how we long to see the greener grass on the other side. We want to see a beach.  We want to go see Italy, Paris, England.  We want adventures. I do. I do.  I do. 

But hubby and I have been taking late afternoon walks and both of us admitted that in our frustration, we have overlooked the beauty, the things that we should be enjoying, admiring, and getting excited about that are practically in our backyard. 

Each afternoon as we take our walks, we look for things to notice, to get excited about.  Because we live in a very wooded community, most of them involve wildlife and nature.  And while some make me stop and savor the sight, some make me want to scream. Honestly, I have screamed, nearly peed my pants a couple of times.  However, in being more present in the moment, being observant, our walks have become explorations. 

I remember taking my kids for walks in our own backyard and telling them, “Let’s go on an adventure. You never know what we might find.”  I still remember my son discovering roly pollies. You would have thought I had taken him to an exotic zoo.

I guess in a way, that’s what we’re doing.  Since we are limited to where we go, we are opening ours eyes and taking stock of our own world.  Are there things around you, things you have become blind to due to the frustrations?  

Below are a few of the things hubby and I have discovered lately. What would you see if you took a walk, and looked, really looked?  What could you appreciate?  What might you stumble upon that would make you scream, but that you might come home and post on Facebook? 

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  1. Me and my kids have been exploring the yard and field around our home. We saw a wolf that scared us and found a arrow head. Fun times .

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