I Ran Away!!

Last weekend I ran away.  Well, just for a weekend.  And I didn’t even run away alone.  Hubby and I stayed at a beach hotel in Ventura, California.  I sat out on the balcony, listened to the waves and read.  Ahh, I love the sound of those waves.  I even left the balcony door open and fell asleep to the soothing sound of water washing up on the beach.  Hubby and I walked along the beach.  We got some sand between our toes and our feet wet with incoming waves.  We ate dinner at a restaurant on a pier and watched the sun set.  It was a great escape.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of images, of our trip.



Awake at Dawn Pet Pics Contest

And now for the pet photo contest! Last week the challenge went out for you to send me your cutest pet photos. And let me tell you, I received so many adorable photos, I had a hard time picking the top ten. I wish I could have posted them all! Now you get to vote on your favorite photo in the top ten, BUT only ONE vote per person. So, get your friends to come to the Web site and vote, too, and your pet photo could win you a basket of Awake at Dawn goodies!!!! As I said, it was a tough decision (there are so many cute pets out there!), but I selected the following ten:

A) Patty from Zubia

B) Fluffy from Jessy

C) Dog from Khelsey

D) Hugo from Sarah

E) Quinn from Jillian

F) Cat from Carolina

G) Buster from Alaryn

H) Dog & Bird from Tori

I) Chubby Bear from Alexandra

J) Dog and child from Savannah

Send in your vote, then check back here next Tuesday (October 25) to see which photo won. If it is your photo, congratulations! Send your snail mail address to cc(at)cchunterbooks.com and I will send you your Awake at Dawn basket of goodies.