What’s Up, Kylie? Round Two

Happy Tuesday! Today, I’m pulling out three questions for Kylie from the comments section of my What’s Up, Kylie blog of April 17th. Hope you enjoy!

1. If Red would not have died, what would you have done? You were sort of sad when he died, and found out that he wasn’t all that evil. If he wouldn’t have died, would you have become his friend and welcomed him into your life, or would you have told him to leave you alone again, and stay away? [Winning question from Lilly G.]

C.C. Man, is this is good question. And it’s going to be a hard one for Kylie to answer, too. But let me see if I can channel Kylie and get the answer.

Kylie: You think this is a “good question?” Seriously?

C.C.: I do. Any question that makes you think, makes you dig deep for the answer is a good question.

Kylie: You sound just like Holiday. But, fine. I’ll try to answer the question. (She’s quiet for a long moment.) Okay, I think the answer would depend on Red/Roberto’s actions. For example, would he be willing to own up to his mistakes and accept the consequences of his actions? He saved my life, but he also killed two girls, and that’s not a small mistake, no matter how you look at it. But . . . (She falls silent for another long moment.) But my opinion of him changed a lot once I got to know him. Honestly? I feel sorry for him because I think his actions were caused by his grandfather and the upbringing Red was given. If he had lived, I don’t know that he and I could have ever become friends, per se, but I don’t think we would have been enemies, either.

2. Kylie, if you could go back in time to a mistake or a memory and change it, would you? And what would you make different? [Question from Missy]

C.C. Another good question! (I turn to Kylie.) Kylie, what do you think?

Kylie: (A glimmer of pain crosses Kylie’s face.) I wish I could have saved Ellie. (Her voice nearly cracks. Tears glisten at the corners of her eyes and she swipes her right hand at them and looks down at her lap.) I wish that more than anything, although . . . (She takes a deep breath.) I know that I couldn’t have changed things. I know that logically, I mean. (She raises her head.) There are some things that simply have to happen, and that was one of them. Still, in my heart, I wish I could have saved Ellie.

3. Since you’ve found out that you may be able to change your brain pattern, do you intend to attend all of the species groups to learn about each culture and their unique gifts? [Question from J.B.]

C.C. I know the answer to this one. (I smile at Kylie.)

Kylie: You know, I really hate it when you turn all writer-knows-all on me. It’s not fair. Plus, it’s kinda’ annoying.

C.C.: Sorry.

Kylie: Whatever. (She shrugs.) But back to J.B.’s question—which she directed to me, I might add . . .

C.C.: (My smile turns into a full-fledged grin. Doesn’t Kylie know that she’s a figment of my imagination? Probably not. Sometimes, I have hard time realizing it.)

Kylie: I plan to attend meetings for all of the species groups, to learn about their culture and their gifts . . . assuming they will all let me, that is. I would want to do that even if my brain pattern wasn’t changing all the time. It’s about respect and honoring their culture. But since I’m still trying to figure out where I fit, it’s even more important that I learn about the other species.

Okay, so there you go, three questions answered by a channeled Kylie, and some tense moments between an author and her character. LOL. Make sure you leave a comment. And if you have other questions, perhaps for me, C.C. or Kylie, just leave them in the comment section, and I’ll try to post them and the answers in a future blogs.


As promised, I randomly selected a winner from the correct answers from my May Day Contest. You had a lot of great guesses, but only a few of you came up with the correct answer, which was Monte Carlo, Monaco. That was the Monte Carlo Casino in the background, a casino featured in several James Bond movies.  So, the winner is Abigail. Abigail, please email me at cc(at)cchunterbooks(dot)com and let me know if you prefer and Amazon gift card or a copy of Taken at Dusk.