Are you ready for Whispers at Moonrise?

Only one week until the release of Whispers at Moonrise! Are you ready? Are you dying to find out what will happen? What new powers will Kylie discover? Will Holiday and Burnett learn to trust each other? Will Lucas obey his pack and dump Kylie? Hmmm… Lots of questions, but I’m not a spoiler. I have no intention of ruining Whispers at Moonrise for you. However, I will give you a few teasers—just to get you thinking.

1) Kylie’s powers are tested once again when she attempts to bring someone back from the dead. Someone she really loves. Someone that if she loses, her life will never be the same.

2) Kylie learns that sometimes first impressions are skewed.

3) Someone else pays in blood to have campmate hour with Kylie. You’ll never guess who it is this time!

And for a little something extra, here is the Whispers at Moonrise book trailer:

By now, after three books, you know the characters pretty well. So tell me, who is your very favorite character? I don’t mean who you want Kylie to choose—Lucas or Derek. I want to know what character you just love reading about. Who do you relate to the most? If you had to spend an hour locked in a closet with one character…JUST TALKING…which character would you choose? Do you love Perry, the class clown? Do you totally get Miranda and her “say it like it is?” Or Della who’s sassy with an “overstate things” personality. Is it Helen, the shy girl who found love that you would love to talk with? Maybe it’s Holiday, you wish you could pick her brain? And what about Kylie? She’s one every special supernatural. Tell me who you would like to spend an hour talking with and why? You never know something you might say could trigger my imagination and give me some ideas for the final scene.


Before the official release of Whispers at Moonrise, I have one more copy to give away to someone who leaves a comment. So don’t forget to tell me who your favorite character is! And if you are reading this post on Goodreads, please go to to post your comment in order to be considered to win. Good luck!


FYI: By far most of you chose Della #3, and Miranda #1 ended up with more votes, but Miranda #3 was a close second. I have selected a random name from last week’s comments. So the winner of a copy of Whispers at Moonrise is Andrea Lira-Martinez. Congratulations, Andrea! Please email me at with your mailing address so I can send you your copy.