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A Note From C.C.:

What are you? Do you have a little supernatural in you? You might not think so, but I bet you do.

When I created my characters for Shadow Falls, I wanted my readers to be able to identify with these people, to care about them. And to even understand them. It didn't matter that they were supernaturals. I really felt if this series was going to work, I needed to make sure readers could relate to the characters and their problems. So, I had to humanize my supernaturals. To do this, I really started thinking about all the different types of people I know, their strengths, their weaknesses, and those quirky things I love about their personalities in spite of their flaws. And this is what I came up with.

Supernatural Personality Traits: (PDF)



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born at midnight jigsaw puzzle   turned at dark jigsaw puzzle   awake at dawn jigsaw puzzle


Pet Photos

socks the cat
My very own Socks. Just like Kylie in Born at Midnight I have a Tuxedo cat.
She's a little devil. However, I also have three other cats. And a dog, and a rabbit,
and turtles. You'll be seeing pictures of them as the time goes on.


c c hunter puppy  c c hunter dog
How did this . . .               . . . turn into this?

Meet Rex, the family dog.
His mom was a brown Lab, his dad…?
We think his dad was a Tasmanian Devil.