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C.C. Hunter: When Life Hurts, Love heals.

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Finding a speaker for a special presentation who will entertain as well as educate can be difficult. Thanks to C.C. Hunter's Alabama roots and comedian approach, she's a natural-born storyteller and she uses her skills to both entertain and educate audiences across the board.

Dyslexic, Hunter faced and overcame numerous obstacles to reach her dream to become a published writer. Her insight into setting and reaching goals, and perseverance is a topic Hunter speaks on in her presentations to both adults and teens. She also covers topics such as: the life of a writer, using humor to deal with stress, as well as subjects on the craft of writing. She has given presentations to divergent groups from businesses to libraries and writers' groups to schools.

A sought–after speaker and frequent workshop presenter, C.C.'s alter ego Christie Craig is a photojournalist and multi–published author of adult fiction, non–fiction and freelance non–fiction. In April of 2011, her first Young Adult Paranormal novel, Born at Midnight, will be released through St. Martin's Press under her pseudonym C.C. Hunter. Set in a summer camp for supernatural teens, the Shadow Falls series is quickly garnering positive reviews and healthy sales of foreign rights to Germany, Russia, and France.

C.C. also speaks to local book clubs or does phone chats.

For a listing of writing workshops see Christie Craig's website.

If you'd like to C.C. speak on a specific subject not listed on her other website, please feel free to ask.